Chimpanzee Escapes Cage in Las Vegas

Chimp breaks out for the second time in a month and sets off on a wild rampage in the streets.
3:00 | 08/12/12

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Chimpanzee Escapes Cage in Las Vegas
A neighborhood in Las Vegas terrorized by -- marauding champ. Again these animals may look like us that they are seven times stronger than us and very. Very unpredictable in this the second time this month that this champ has escaped ABC's John -- on the story good morning sir good morning. The and the chimps owner doubts it was an accident but the chip may indeed -- -- Powered her way out of her cage again that's for investigators to piece together whatever the case the female chip went wilding alone this time. Her male partner in crime was shot dead in the last break out just a few weeks ago. CJ the chimp back behind bars and lucky to be alive after her second escape and about a month. The last time she escaped she was with her pal -- terrorizing the same Las Vegas neighborhood for more than an hour. That there can -- Thank you compete I know these animals are encouraged. And they -- neighbors say one chimp reached for a woman's car door handle another -- -- a police -- They're wandering down the street it is they are dangerous. And shotguns. Well -- either -- if they are wild animals. Cops did bring guns and when buddy the 150 pound male veered towards onlookers including children cops opened fire. But he was dead on a Vegas street CJ was tranquilizers put in a cage in the nightmare was over -- was so everyone fought -- CJ escaped alone last night. Knowing the drill police set up a perimeter and animal control officers safely shot CJ with a tranquilizer. This looks like a complete idiots like how the hell could get -- -- -- out. -- owner can't believe it she thinks someone might have maliciously set CJ three former cage but the first escape was all chimpanzee brute force CJ and body battering their way out. In her latest -- video shows three metal bars slightly bent right now it's unclear the champ spent those bars herself. We have gotten calls that people want to let CJ out to pass this line Las Vegas and I just hope to god that nobody tampered with decayed. Lawmakers calling for tougher measures laws that would ban most dangerous animals like champs are being kept in people's backyards and basements. For the second time in a month chimp terror and relief in a Vegas neighborhood is no people were hurt. Amazingly no one hurt in either chimp escaped as you might expect CJ was not returned to her owners this time she's reportedly in a cage for lions and tigers now. Meantime the investigation and legal proceedings on CJ's -- continue what -- story guys.

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{"id":16988489,"title":"Chimpanzee Escapes Cage in Las Vegas","duration":"3:00","description":"Chimp breaks out for the second time in a month and sets off on a wild rampage in the streets.","url":"/GMA/video/chimpanzee-escapes-cage-las-vegas-16988489","section":"GMA","mediaType":"default"}