Chloe Moretz Fought For Her Role in 'The Equalizer'

The young actress discusses how she landed the part, which was intended for an older woman.
2:39 | 09/26/14

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Chloe Moretz Fought For Her Role in 'The Equalizer'
Active seventeen years old Chloe -- -- has already worked with the likes of Martin Scorsese's Ryan Reynolds Johnny Depp Julianne Moore. Even Steven Soderbergh and now she is -- with Denzel Washington in the equalizer. Clooney plays Harry real name Alina a young prostitute looking for a way out and Denzel character -- -- began with a lot. It is something. -- it's. 01. -- this thing. I am here. I think you can be anything. Wanted to. -- -- Change your world. Such a good movie and your fantastic in this -- -- -- seventeen. But actually you lobbied for this role at the age of fifteen written for a 24 year old correct yeah I it was entertaining -- all of last kind of definitely -- behind the island this -- and and then at kind of bag to audition Torre and I never danced on -- great meeting that night now edition with Denzel. And it just seeing them really well it was magic he had election night and you. You liked the idea of losing yourself in this -- truly because she is a very unique character. Yeah I'm lying I I -- a couple of the girls of this Riordan organization called the children of the night. And -- talked today and then and I can learn so much who they are and then there can be beautiful young when there was such a fire inside their soul. Our -- yes -- -- and and and I really want to show with a -- -- that she she is physically chopped in this world should take it out of yes yes so many. Aspirations injury means in -- -- was accomplished. She has no idea how to get out of -- -- you gained weight for the role which was an interesting part of it because I didn't realize. You learn that from on -- spending time with the girls that you need to gain some weight and also you have to learn to speak Russian. He a I -- how to cheat sheet a -- phone all the time I had -- -- written down in fanatics. Bradley avenue again believable yeah it was it was aren't it's it's heartening Mitchell anchor it's so different -- this idea and I love the way. Your character changes since -- themselves character changes you look -- -- -- -- each other. He on the first -- to check -- -- shelling he's the the first man my life to -- -- -- like when there's a -- me you know just like a young woman who has chains and as a real person and it is a very beautiful story I -- the ending but I won't get away yeah so lovely to Nina Crowley thanks for stopping by. And the equalizer opens nationwide today.

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{"duration":"2:39","description":"The young actress discusses how she landed the part, which was intended for an older woman.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/GMA","id":"25776519","title":"Chloe Moretz Fought For Her Role in 'The Equalizer'","url":"/GMA/video/chloe-moretz-interview-2014-equalizer-actress-fought-role-25776519"}