Chris Pratt Discusses His Role in 'Guardians of the Galaxy'

The actor says he would like to turn his character into a positive role model for kids.
3:00 | 07/30/14

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Transcript for Chris Pratt Discusses His Role in 'Guardians of the Galaxy'
How are you, dear? Good. How are you? Good. All right, those are audience pictures from this morning. Everyone posing with our "Guardians of the galaxy" wall. A lot of excitement about this movie and you might just say everything is awesome for Mr. Chris Pratt. Fans loved him in this year's blockbuster hit "The Lego movie." I love that movie. Yes. Now he's about to blast off in "Guardians" as an interstellar adventurer looking for a little respect. You better stop poking me. What is your name. My name is peter quill. Dude, chill out. Move. Why. . I have questions for you. Hey, you know what, there's another name you might know me by. Star lord. Who? Star lord, man. Legendary outlaw. How can you say that? Who? Star lord. Who? Star lord is a role that you have been preparing-for-a really long time. Since you were a little guy. Really since my whole life I feel like I've been preparing for this role. Yeah, it's -- it's a guy -- peter quill who at 9 years old goes through a very traumatic experience and is essentially abducted from Earth brought tout to space and creates this persona of star lord like loosely based on all the heroes of his life like, you know, his pop culture icons -- Which in real life you -- from a little boy were sort of loving "Star wars" -- Yeah. And kind of imagining. I read in your research that you told a teacher at your school that you didn't -- you were definitely going to be rich and famous. Yeah, I, you know, I was definitely very much a dreamer as a child and it's the same thing with peter quill and I think given -- if I were given the same opportunity I would probably end up being exactly who he is in this movie. And if this movie does as everybody believes it's just a great film and a big hit in the making, you really want to use it to give back. I love that. You got the coat of peter quill and want to go out and become a role model for kids. I think this is awesome and all of this is exciting and so cool to be here with you guys. And, you know, all of that is really exciting but I think just like if I was given the opportunity, you know, Russell Wilson is one of my favorite people. He's the quarterback of the Seattle seahawks. And every Tuesday he goes to the Seattle children's hospital and poses for pictures with these kids and changes their lives and when we were making the movie I was thinking like that's actually potential something we could do as a cast or me as star lord walking in. I think that would be really kind of great to be able to effect -- I love that. Kids' lives that way. If you go, you could sing because you do sing pretty well, I know you sing in the movie and we have a little video of your cast mate from yesterday vin diesel doing a dance. Ooh. I want to show it to you. This is a vine video we shot. It's of vin rocking out to a song that you sing "Come and get your love." A little bit. Yeah. He never stopped moving when he was here. ? Come and get your love ? That dude can dance. Come on, everybody. Dance with Chris. Dance with Chris. You're also super fit in the film. Oh. You're not afraid to get buff. We saw in "Zero dark:30." Yeah. Emmett was pretty ripped in "The Lego movie." If you look at the covers of comic books all those guys have a certain aesthetic appeal so I was going for that and trying to look as close to that character as I could. And a superhero who can braid hair. Yes. You are a master French braider. I don't know if I'm a mass for braider but French braid the wife's hair every night and I'm getting pretty good at it. He's not kidding. I love it. Before we leave, a little trip down memory lane across the street bubba gump's. Right across the treat. That is Trippi. You were a waiter there. 15 years ago I was a waiter at bubba gump's. Come on in, bubba gump. They wanted to -- We took a picture. This is so awesome. A gift basket celebrating your time with them and your incredible career. This is so nice. This would be about 13 grand at the bubba company shrimp company gift shop. It's pretty expensive but totally worth it and go get your own swag here. How about this. Want a little bit of swag? We're going to pass that out. There but. That's all you get. The rest is mine. Not afraid to share laughs either. Great, great job in this film and everything you do. Everybody, check out Chris in "Guardians of the galaxy." It opens this Friday. Thank you.

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{"id":24770243,"title":"Chris Pratt Discusses His Role in 'Guardians of the Galaxy'","duration":"3:00","description":"The actor says he would like to turn his character into a positive role model for kids. ","url":"/GMA/video/chris-pratt-interview-2014-actor-discusses-role-guardians-24770243","section":"GMA","mediaType":"default"}