Death Row Jail-Break Plot: Will It Affect Appeal?

Dan Abrams discusses Christa Pike's alleged plan to escape prison.
2:01 | 03/22/12

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Death Row Jail-Break Plot: Will It Affect Appeal?
We're gonna bring in -- legal analyst Dan Abrams right now and it is not unusual these death row. Love affairs but this goes way beyond what we usually say it does -- -- look anytime we see a high profile case where someone gets put on death row immediately. That person gets all sorts of love letters inquiries -- -- there -- web sites devoted. To death row inmates -- you think about someone like Scott Peterson. Number -- -- he he didn't usually would get at one point 85 to a hundred letters today that's probably. Tailed off a little bit in the in the time but he's amazing and you talk to psychologists about why this occurs and have all sorts of explanations. For -- quote unquote attraction. It's unbelievable to so many people but it goes on absolutely on this website that she said we heard in Steve's piece that she has pretty much exhausted all of her. Appeals -- can't help but wonder that this alleged plot. -- -- It doesn't help but it's not really gonna have much of an impact -- because the the appealing -- -- legal -- she's saying she was eighteen years old she had mental issues they shouldn't be able to execute someone like that she -- and ineffective assistance of counsel. None of those legal issues will be impacted. By the attempted escape because effectively what she's trying to get is life in prison. Instead of the death penalty so the attempted escape won't affect that but it remains a long shot. For her to win any of these at least two accomplices. They -- -- serious trouble here you know -- had -- assisting in an escape bribery other charges like that particular you're talking about one of them was a prison guard. Who was assisting in the effort that -- also if they are facing official misconduct charges as well these are very serious charge you talk -- someone who was on death for. She's the only woman on death row in Tennessee this is not your garden variety. Prison escape effort -- the authorities would say. She did she was never close to getting out this resisted the beginning phases. But it's very unusual to hear about something like this happening for someone is on death threats and certainly -- stand as always thanks so much.

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{"id":15977110,"title":"Death Row Jail-Break Plot: Will It Affect Appeal?","duration":"2:01","description":"Dan Abrams discusses Christa Pike's alleged plan to escape prison.","url":"/GMA/video/christa-pikes-alleged-death-row-jail-break-plot-15977110","section":"GMA","mediaType":"default"}