Christian Louboutin Imitations Seized by Feds

More than 20,000 pairs of fake high heels could have been worth millions.
3:00 | 08/17/12

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Christian Louboutin Imitations Seized by Feds
Turning now to a big government bused over luxury shoes the -- saying they've seized more than 20000. Pairs of counterfeit. High heels by designer Christian with time. And if those stakes were real they could even worth tens of millions of dollars ABC's beyond Michael Rodriguez has the story. They adorn the feet of the rich famous and fabulously fashionable. In -- costing as much as 6000 dollars a pair. Fat chance says talk to name Oprah swears by her load times I would like a shiny new parent of the -- -- Tina Louise and high heels in the red bottoms and Jennifer Lopez saying an -- about them. But instead of being spotted on celebrities Thursday those trademark red sold were in the clutches of customs and Border Patrol authorities -- Los Angeles seaport these pumps platforms and stilettos they are all counterfeit -- 20000 of them. That many pairs an actual -- -- stores would cost upwards of eighteen million dollars this is of course kind that we actually -- This tough issues. But let's -- we have not seen them before just as the girls on sex in the city discovered you can find a lot of fake designer goods for a fraction of the price. And -- 158. -- my god -- it looks so meal I know what you back. You'd never know was -- real -- -- let's look inside the lining in Los Angeles the busiest port in the country they intercept a staggering 1000 shipments of counterfeit goods every year illicit goods include everything from perfume to electronics to children's items. And it doesn't just cut into manufacturers' profits. There's also lost sales taxes that would go toward schools and hospitals that are not being received when you're buying counterfeit goods. According to some estimates counterfeit goods can cost the US economy more than 750000. Jobs and is much as 250 billion dollars annually. So authorities say you are better off making the same decision. And Carrie Bradshaw did as it regulates everything nepalese -- -- -- -- the content specialists have. So Amy captain Lara we have prepared for the confiscated actually -- -- right here you can see -- -- here's your real hair. The Pentagon right even the red at the Littleton nasty yellow -- fake ones have printed on them the real or smooth. And another dead giveaway that real -- made in Italy that they remain in China and you know they would have taken -- -- -- -- looks like a banana do not it's not and retail value for the say three dollars. Plus three dollars vs -- are here wow.

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{"id":17025905,"title":"Christian Louboutin Imitations Seized by Feds","duration":"3:00","description":"More than 20,000 pairs of fake high heels could have been worth millions.","url":"/GMA/video/christian-louboutin-counterfeit-high-heels-imitations-seized-feds-17025905","section":"GMA","mediaType":"default"}