Christina-Taylor Green Remembered in New Book

Mother honors her 9-year-old who died at Tucson shooting a year ago.
3:20 | 01/04/12

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Transcript for Christina-Taylor Green Remembered in New Book
One year ago nine year old Christina Taylor Green went to meet her congresswoman Gabby Giffords at the Tucson event the turned to tragedy Christina Taylor was the only child. Among six people who died when that crazed gunman opened fire. And now her mother Roxanne -- -- is honoring her legacy with a new book as good as she imagined and -- and joins us now and it is good to see you again that. Last year in the aftermath of the tragedy and your daughter. Just capture all of our hearts she was such a special. Girl tolerated -- which you remember most about it with -- -- some amazing look around beautiful and cited Napster's that you kept her she was parents. He did everything she did everything -- everything really really well and she was an amazing athlete and she wants and learn more about government. She's just been elected to that question is gonna meet the congresswoman that day and she wants it to learn as much as she cats as she can get back to -- her community. And down. She was just amazing in every way she isn't turning little girl -- hundred years after she was involved in everything in the title the book is good -- -- -- actually comes from it. -- really the President Obama gave after the shooting where he said he wants America to be as good as Christina Taylor. Imagined it to be the one the moving things you write about in the book is that. You know you are getting all this attention all of this national focus and that actually made it -- harder for him. It did make it harder first -- very shy and private people. But. Overwhelming amount of love and support it. Has really been -- All the while wishes is really got us and it's been very therapeutic and we're very great have you had a chance to speak much for that kind of some -- -- -- -- I -- spoke with them on Thanksgiving weekend so it was very nice to see parents -- Helen she's doing. They come back is just amazing recovery has been so incredible and you know you talk about in this book also honoring. Christina Taylor's legacy and she's really living and we -- it's such a young age she decided. To become an organ. -- about to close -- -- after my mom passed away a -- CNN my son Dallas had asked to be organ donors. And I told them. That's grade. Cataract damaged organ donor but you don't have to worry about it right now we need your driver's license we'll take care of that. So we had discussed it since my mom died and expect to mainly. -- her or against. So she won it -- to get back to donate life in some way. Obviously when she was a lot older. And then she was honored at the -- -- -- -- -- just came over and -- was talking about -- she was honored I just this week. For all that you're hoping also to continue. An honor her legacy with a foundation. Yes we -- because Santana -- memorial foundation and her membrane. And we're finding programs for underprivileged children and academics and athletics. And the -- Well. I am sure of so many people are gonna contribute because so many people were touched. By your daughter thanks for sharing your story -- -- the book is called. This could assume that I'm sure some here in the -- thanks very much thank you.

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{"id":15286942,"title":"Christina-Taylor Green Remembered in New Book","duration":"3:20","description":"Mother honors her 9-year-old who died at Tucson shooting a year ago. ","url":"/GMA/video/christina-taylor-green-remembered-book-15286942","section":"GMA","mediaType":"default"}