Christmas Canceled: Why One Family Asked Santa to Stay Away

John and Lisa Henderson canceled the holiday after their sons’ behavior got out of control.
3:52 | 12/04/14

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Transcript for Christmas Canceled: Why One Family Asked Santa to Stay Away
And then post it on Twitter. Move on to the "Morning stir," and one couple's decision to cancel Christmas. They cut out Santa and stockings, and the mom blogged about it, wracking up app million hits. Abbie Boudreau has the story ? you're a foul one Mr. Grinch ? Reporter: We know how the grinch stole Christmas, but why did the Hendersons cancel the favorite holiday? I was asking for a blue remote control car. Reporter: They had been acting up and not grateful for the things they had. Reporter: They had been calling their soon's recent behavior entitled. Hit each other. Throwing big tantrums. Reporter: You had a tantrum? A giant one. Reporter: Seems nothing could get Caleb, Davis and Beckham off of Santa's naughty list. So their parents took drastic measures. I said we should cancel Christmas. Reporter: How did they react? Cried about it hard. Reporter: She wrote about it, creating a frenzy. Many people outraged, accusing Lisa of being mean and a lazy parent. Even calling her scrooge. While others praising her for finally teaching kids about the true meaning of Christmas. How many times do parents threaten that if you're naughty, Santa's not going to come. Parents don't follow through. Reporter: The money they would have spent on presents will now go toward helping others. What did you learn about Christmas? It's not about getting what you want. It's about giving. Reporter: As for next year, the boys are already promising to be on Santa's nice list. What do you guys have to say to other boys and girls out there. ? Better watch out, better not cry. For "Good morning America," Abbie Boudreau. The kids are smiling now. And joined by Erica souther. They took in a good lesson. But talk about tough love. This woman has become a hero to parents with bratty kids around the country. She's doing something that a lot of us threaten and never follow through on. And teaching an invaluable lesson in the process. They know what Christmas is about. They should focus on that. You endorse it? I think it's great. A lot of people think it takes away from the magic of the season. As bad as my 6-year-old can get, I don't know if I could deny him Christmas presents. But it does remind us there's an important lesson to be learned in the holiday season. I could follow through on canceling the celebrations, no. But you talk about what they want, and you want to do something. You want to do something. We live in a time of immediate gratification. Kids are spoiled. They want things when they see it, don't have to wait for cartoons like we did. Get them immediately. But there are things you can do throughout the year that don't involve denying them Christmas presents. Number one, you can go through their clothes at the start of the season. And have them take out things that they don't wear to give to kids in need. Make them a part of it. Make them a part of it. Donate toys that they don't play with anymore. Have them pick out the toys, not you. And they can be a part of the process. And the youngest can volunteer at food banks, help collect cans. And teach them why they should be grateful. Teach them there are families who don't have anything, and they are in need. And they can do something to help them. All of that depose a long goes a long way to helping your kids become better people. Thank you.

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{"id":27360450,"title":"Christmas Canceled: Why One Family Asked Santa to Stay Away","duration":"3:52","description":"John and Lisa Henderson canceled the holiday after their sons’ behavior got out of control.","url":"/GMA/video/christmas-canceled-family-asked-santa-stay-27360450","section":"GMA","mediaType":"default"}