Christmas Gift Registries: Efficient or Rude?

Trend aimed at preventing returns, re-gifting may fly in the face of etiquette.
3:01 | 12/16/11

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Christmas Gift Registries: Efficient or Rude?
The hot trend for the holidays -- adapted. A -- still Bob people are actually registering for Christmas presents not only couples registered for their weddings so. Does this -- help prevent re gifting -- does it simply fly in the face of etiquette and the entire spirit of the season ABC's Andrea canning. Is bringing us the story and some answers and. What we heard tacky we've heard greedy we heard Smart organized. All kinds of opinions on this one but a study out from Harvard Business School. Actually found that people prefer getting gifts they've asked for instead of surprises. In fact the study subjects rated givers as more thoughtful if they gave something off a wish -- -- houses changing the entire practice exchanging gifts this year take a look for yourself. Worst Christmas present ever. Ceramic yellow -- song again that I gave somebody -- -- hit dated back four years later. Twist ninety's before Christmas when our worst fears came true but the thought of another year of bad -- to make a steel blue. Slippers and -- Sox of fruit cake and thoughts when what to -- wondering eyes should appear but a new Christmas registry -- right here. The latest in lists or most desired presence would never be missed. First we saw people asking for gift cards because they didn't want him to buy something they didn't like. And then what we're seeing is people saying you know what it's easier I just tell you exactly what I want. Once reserved for weddings and baby showers children and yes even adults are now making their own lists and checking them twice. On a number of web sites like Santa's hide out and check. Twice using a registry does save -- money and it saves -- time. Money you can spend exactly the amount that you wanted to spend and time you're not running through every store trying to find the perfect gift that then it turns out they don't -- -- But could this -- be considered just as selfish as trampling someone on Black Friday. As tacky is giving about sweater or worse re gifting we found people registered for everything from -- Tesla Roadster to it's. I have no idea let's find -- -- found its elite event images. Make it easier it was innovative mind -- it. GMA viewers also weighed in on line mutual I wrote my thirteen year old sister has one and I couldn't shop for her without it. Another viewer wrote it sort of rubs me the wrong way to have a registry for a holiday it is an expectation rather than a -- Dasher now dancer now Dixon an answer I know the big man in charge we'll have the answer. -- still -- black -- just good old. 101 contact at the moment. Latin male I love it -- another -- -- -- from that Harvard business -- studies that people wrongly assume that the gift of cash. Is left thoughtful on the contrary Lara people. Love cash. The gift that keeps on giving and getting you very much I'm sure we will have lots to talk about on that on our website Rodman always a lot to talk about.

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{"duration":"3:01","description":"Trend aimed at preventing returns, re-gifting may fly in the face of etiquette.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/GMA","id":"15169564","title":"Christmas Gift Registries: Efficient or Rude?","url":"/GMA/video/christmas-gift-registries-efficient-rude-15169564"}