Christmas Mansion Fire: Did Ember Cause Blaze?

Acting Fire Chief Antonio Conte discusses the possible cause of the tragedy.
4:02 | 12/27/11

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Christmas Mansion Fire: Did Ember Cause Blaze?
Now joining us from Stamford Connecticut is acting fire chief Antonio Conte and she -- it is very good to have you this morning. Again as we hear these reports now that embers that may have been at the root of this tragedy I want to show our audience again the before. And after photos of what the house looked like. Before and after this fire struck and ask you about these -- how hot. These -- have to be to cause the destruction they cause. Well -- let me start by saying that the -- Marshall. At this point in time has not given those that cause of this fire as of yet. I don't know where these embers. -- started from but we were we will find out early this morning. After we have our meeting probably what the actual cause of the fire was. More now at this point no one has from the oval office of the -- Marshall. Has relayed information to my staff from myself as to the cause of fire. -- country we did here but the grandfather here involved. Who reports suggest actually had one of his granddaughters. Almost to safety before they were both overcome what can you tell us. About all the heroism displayed in the moments that this fire consumed the house. Well when the when the first arriving engine arrived on the scene it was -- -- fire house was first do. They -- the building and they made entry to the third floor bedroom as directed by a ms. badger. As to where the children more. They pushed through two rooms. But they were unable to find -- children. And the intense heat and flames pushed them back out they try to second time to get in and again they were pushed down. The grandfather was found. Just outside to structure on a small flat roof. That he was covered in debris and inside the window. We found one of the the children so it appears that the grandfather had one of the children with them. Try to -- the structure but was overcome and and passed away and the little one passed away just inside the window. She -- we saw that the house has now been reduced. To rubble to an average person they might think. Why tear the house down before the investigation is complete why was the house taking them. The house was taken down these technical and of the investigation for the far marshal's office. Was concluded earliest so -- morning. During the recovery efforts to retrieve the bodies. The house was so badly. Burned. That we had to speed and the -- across the floor juries in order to distribute the Wii is -- -- to try to even -- the upper floors. Once we have removed every one. And once our investigation of the property was complete. We deemed to property unsafe. We didn't want more tragedies by a curious onlooker going in and have something happen to own. So at that point -- need to structure anymore and that's why it was taken down and -- -- and of this tragedy is obviously at this entire town very hard you've been on the job for almost four decades power members of your fire department holding -- Not very well I have seventy firefighters that -- ordered back. Today for counseling. Their big burly guy -- and to see him break down at the scene was. Too much to bear. It -- it's it's really tough we have psychologist. Coming in we have members of FDNY coming in to help us with. With the debriefing of these firefighters. In our best to you and of course to the -- -- -- we expect to learn some new details later this afternoon she content we appreciate the times more.

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{"id":15238242,"title":"Christmas Mansion Fire: Did Ember Cause Blaze?","duration":"4:02","description":"Acting Fire Chief Antonio Conte discusses the possible cause of the tragedy.","url":"/GMA/video/christmas-mansion-fire-ember-blaze-15238242","section":"GMA","mediaType":"default"}