Christmas Mansion Fire: What Really Happened?

Five family members were killed in the Stamford, Connecticut tragedy.
2:31 | 12/27/11

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Christmas Mansion Fire: What Really Happened?
We want to turn out of this incredible story of courage and tragedy we're learning more details this morning about this the massive fire that engulfed a coastal mansion in Connecticut. Investigators revealing the cause of the fire and ABC's Lindsey Davis has the latest from the scene good morning -- you Lindsay. Good morning Josh this pile of rubble behind me is all that remains of the house where five family members lost their lives on Christmas morning and that blaze reportedly started as much as an hour before anyone inside. Even realized it and by the time they did it was of course. Too late. The massive fire that turned this one point seven million dollar home from this. Into this charred skeleton reportedly was started by the embers of monologues. Investigators say Madonna badger a well known -- executive. Was wrapping gifts by the fireplace until about 3 in the morning with her friend Michael fourteen seed here on his FaceBook page. They then reportedly collected the embers from the fireplace and put them in a bucket. It was those embers officials believe were blown throughout the house and started the bullies. Not long after that at around 5 AM 911 calls of a fire. And was in a matter of minutes the house was fully engulfed in flames. When it who's been tremendously fast the fire starts and then within a minute. -- -- involve a whole room. The blaze killed badgers ten year old daughter Lily her seven year old tween girls grace and -- And her parents Pauline -- -- Johnson seen here dressed as Santa. Badger and -- Gina the president of time -- construction and contractor doing renovations on the house where the only two to survive. When they arrived and they knew there -- kids still inside why weren't -- able to get into the kids. -- -- -- -- homer fulfilled a lifelong dream of playing Santa Claus at the -- Saks Fifth Avenue at the urging of his oldest granddaughter. And in one final act of heroism. He reportedly tried to grab his granddaughter and went out the window but they were both overcome with carbon monoxide poisoning. Only a few years ago he retired as a safety and security director in global Kentucky and then he and his wife moved to the area to be closer to their daughter. And grand children. This small memorial of flowers and Teddy bears has been created just outside the house by neighbors a press conference is scheduled to take place today at 5 o'clock. For fire officials to give the press some sense. Of what went wrong here.

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{"id":15238193,"title":"Christmas Mansion Fire: What Really Happened?","duration":"2:31","description":"Five family members were killed in the Stamford, Connecticut tragedy.","url":"/GMA/video/christmas-mansion-fire-happened-15238193","section":"GMA","mediaType":"default"}