The Do's and Don'ts of Re-Gifting

Some gifts may not be worth keeping but is it ever ok to pass them along?
3:00 | 12/26/13

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Transcript for The Do's and Don'ts of Re-Gifting
I think it was shakespeare who coifed, to regift or not to regift? That is the question. It's a question today. I thought it was pluto. Plato. Socrates. What do you think, americans? Unwrap and rewrap? Is it okay to receive and then give? Rachel smith is here. There are dos and don'ts, of a thing I'm just learning of today, rachel, regifting. There's dos and don'ts. Yeah. It's a sensitive topic during the holiday season. Regifting. Oh, yes. Santa missed the mark with you with an unwanted kitchen appliance, fruitcake, maybe an ugly sweater. Before you go rewrapping, here are a few tips to make regifting a success. It is a thank you for my super bowl tickets. He recycled this gift. He's a regifter. Reporter: "Seinfeld" coined the term. While it may make for good comedy, in reality, not so funny. Why are people so scared to regift? People don't want to get caught, right? Is someone going to know that i regifted? Are they going to call me out on it. Reporter: We hit the streets to see what people think about passing on gifts. One time I got these elvis shot glasses. Reporter: Did you keep them? I regifted them. Somebody else got them. I don't do it. Reporter: You don't do it? Why don't you regift? I think it's crazy. Recycling, you know? Reporter: Exactly. We're saving the planet. Saving the planet. Reporter: Regifting is acceptable? Yes. You're thinking about the other person because they really would want something. That's when regifting is okay. Reporter: Tip number one, only regift nonperishables. Wine is great to regift. One of the other things great to regift is appliances. Reporter: Tip number two, rewrap and look for notes. You have to look through the whole gift, too. Make sure, inside the gift there aren't any notes from somebody else. Reporter: And if you don't want what happened to will ferrell in "old school" to happen to you. To new beginnings. Actually, I gave this to you for your wedding. This model? No. This exact one. Reporter: Then use tip number three -- put post-its on all gifts. Take post-it notes and wrote down who gave you the gift. And who was around when you opened that gift. Reporter: Genius. And tip number four, add to the gift. If you get a bottle of wine, buy new wine glasses and make it your own gift. Reporter: Regifting with a touch of class. We asked you guys to send in tweets and facebook us your epic gift fails. This is from lena. SHE GOT P.J.s THREE-TIMES HER Actual size. Oh. Come on, now. Come on. What were they thinking? They wanted them to be cozy. This is -- opened the box. And got a used candle. Fail. Wow. This one is from facebook user kisha. You shouldn't have. You really shouldn't have. It was a book, meant for her. But it had been personalized to bob. Regift. This is from allen. This is the most tested of them all. Lysol, really? You smell. You're dirty, you need to be disinfected. This is from heather. And it is -- this is a bummer. Iou. That's not a gift. I have has the a gift card. No personalized items. No nonperishables. And no cleaning stuff. And make sure they're going to love the regift that you're gifting them. Yeah. Okay, thanks. Amy.

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{"id":21338265,"title":"The Do's and Don'ts of Re-Gifting","duration":"3:00","description":"Some gifts may not be worth keeping but is it ever ok to pass them along?","url":"/GMA/video/christmas-returns-2013-gifting-etiquette-dos-donts-21338265","section":"GMA","mediaType":"default"}