Christmas Shopping Gadget Guide: Buy Now or Later?

Becky Worley reveals the best time to buy the most popular electronics.
3:57 | 12/22/11

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Christmas Shopping Gadget Guide: Buy Now or Later?
Just three more days laughed for Christmas in our countdown to Christmas so. -- time by engadget you've been thinking about -- should you put an IOU under the trade while you wait for a better deal there is no one better to ask this tough question to. Energy NA technology contributor -- orally. And she is -- my aunt's -- pay back. Reminding Larry that tick -- sound effect this will mean -- he's stressing out about. Their last minute gift practices she and it you're up to -- -- big ticket item like an iPad or media gaming console like the Xbox socialism really expensive head on cash you've got to watch this statement because my goal is to help you. Avoid buyer's remorse. Gifts are so expensive and means a lot of yeah. Nine now will wait is cheaper alternative -- stopped. Super -- has answers well I'm not a superhero. But I am a geek so let's start with the iPad -- -- -- -- was expected to sound. Yeah million iPad -- -- this season finding funds yeah. -- -- -- Yeah heading out to be replaced with the iPad three yes and yeah. The next -- -- the iPad three is expected to eat dinner. Lighter and have -- I am not being high resolution screen better camera and maybe just maybe prominent bunch of different complex project. Release date spring of -- -- well. What are at this year's other hot tablet that Kindle fire -- enjoyed -- blazing debut but he. Planes and. Tablet sales they -- the screen is too small and that the buttons in the touch controls aren't as responsive as they need to be. Even worse I was there -- -- two new models of the Kindle fire coming out this spring. -- number two. Gaming systems. No groundbreaking new products were introduced this year -- the hottest item on the market is still to connect to Xbox-360. And no major changes are expected in this console so you feel totally confident buying an Xbox -- -- connect cannot. There is one console that's getting a big change the week. They upgraded him when he twelfth you'll have a tablet taste touch screen controller and a whole new style of game plan. Finally tip number three. -- of this noise about -- hundred dollar 300 dollar phone. Strangely eighteen to become connoisseurs of headphones week previous generations -- muscle cars and announced beats by -- cost 300 bucks -- oh -- your kid wants them. -- don't work there are cheaper alternative. Film candy has lots of fashionable choices for under thirty dollars. Another option -- -- -- costs both have models were under. -- -- -- -- You're healthy shot and hopefully hopefully buyers from. What. But don't be confused if your -- has articulated exactly which -- ANC brand name headphones they want cash -- have to pony up or manage expectations. These to become like the new designer -- -- I'm just thankful my kids won't be teenagers for another ten years. Down if you and I think that's up this goes lower -- aren't -- -- cool I think that they be happy -- nation in the name really quick tell us about the iPad. Thinking about it confused about whether that new ones coming out or not. I don't -- and -- that date to be set in stone but apple hasn't released any information we think it's coming out in spring but this is based on rumor -- speculation that I'd say hold on wait for an -- -- -- -- -- -- -- has always -- morally.

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{"duration":"3:57","description":"Becky Worley reveals the best time to buy the most popular electronics.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/GMA","id":"15212857","title":"Christmas Shopping Gadget Guide: Buy Now or Later?","url":"/GMA/video/christmas-shopping-gadget-guide-buy-now-15212857"}