Christmas Shopping Tips: Save Big at Megastores

Giant, overwhelming stores can lure shoppers into making unnecessary purchases.
4:10 | 12/20/11

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Christmas Shopping Tips: Save Big at Megastores
Best strategy for big savings and make that like trek to the mega store. There's -- stores can be overwhelming it's not hard to find yourself spending a lot more than expected. So we -- Cameron -- -- down the aisles with an expert on finding the best prices and avoiding the worst traps. It seems like. The ultimate shopper's paradise that John enormous retailer just around the corners -- it. Everything under the clothing posters toys electronics. For the holiday shopping trip to a mega -- can easily turn it -- like -- breaking spending. -- -- -- -- Saw everything seems to be on sale. Four dollars and twelve -- but how do you know if it's a great deal. Or just a great game. You have to strategize. When you come here -- financial expert Farnoosh Torabi took me under her wing and filled me in on the -- Secrets to getting big time deal with the nation's biggest stroke. Did -- -- -- -- -- this undercover detective when it comes to figuring out what does target have what is Kmart have what -- Wal-Mart -- Megastores -- their best deals you know frequent flier. And on their FaceBook fan page. Go online to their website and download their circular see you know what is happening. Watch out not everything advertised to be a great deal and actually -- There's so much going around buy one get one free deal any -- nine cents and 95 cents. Psychologically. -- Really excited when we see anything that says Reid -- says the best days to shop or Thursday or Friday mornings especially if you're looking for all right. Why because obviously -- -- and just started out in the inventory is alone are. Like inaudible on its -- good. You let him with a list of playing some -- for the kids some jewelry for the white Brian distractions were every. Our weekly -- told us target had a great deal on war games. This is. A steal five dollar gains. Originally in -- receiving at least seven dollars each of these game. But how do we know it's really appealed for new -- used as a Smartphone -- just although prices in the area I want to see what this. Prices at other stores near I don't -- medical -- -- this app or it's my bar code when their current. Yes and it's then. -- began loading -- memory -- -- got it actually is more than thirteen dollars and other stores and it's five dollars here and next stop and apparently walked back OK walking fast power walking wouldn't walk fast can't suffer when all the great paint -- of pumpkin. -- -- so meet us on preliminary research you've got the circular -- it tells us that we have Julia I'm still here up to 75%. That's amazing thing that's pretty good deal but how good is at 29149. Yeah. -- -- -- -- It's a self OK we'll take it just need to be more pleased this yeah. -- -- Now Star Wars Lego finally -- -- these or true don't be fooled these kinds of violent get when deals. It's tempting you spend more than you actually play into -- Smartphones and then seconds later. And it is telling us. That didn't actually cheaper locally and the axis is and where Omar and for 2488. Vs -- -- dollar savings. Michigan State -- Don't tell farnoosh but I couldn't resist -- problems. This. -- -- from what's up right there. Don't want that its students are.

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{"id":15196357,"title":"Christmas Shopping Tips: Save Big at Megastores","duration":"4:10","description":"Giant, overwhelming stores can lure shoppers into making unnecessary purchases.","url":"/GMA/video/christmas-shopping-tips-save-big-megastores-15196357","section":"GMA","mediaType":"default"}