Christmas Stocking Stuffers for Under $25

Becky Worley reveals exciting surprises to stuff in your families' stockings.
4:09 | 12/23/11

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Transcript for Christmas Stocking Stuffers for Under $25
Only one day left in our cat -- Christmas but if you're shopping is not -- done have no fear Becky Worley shows some last minute gift ideas. -- -- -- -- of -- last minute gifts. Once again we're to get it and are -- going to -- through the -- for. Breeden and you still have time and I -- at -- DS. -- to give anyone who has a Smart power touch -- loves you don't have to take off when you wanna use the phone. The -- unease if come -- damaged like he has command -- just twenty dollars and REI. Another -- that struck weighed down in price wireless iPad keyboards. This one from -- just 29 dollars and Office Depot. The -- great it is an ingenious way to keep your ten year organized. It's also great gift for those ladies with the bottomless -- Find it Container Store or -- just nineteen dollars this. Know a lot -- love are the general not take trust your milk and professional -- recess and just nineteen bucks at Williams-Sonoma. And the product that I get from my fancy espresso machine and. -- really worked. I also look innocent didn't go collapse of the water lines can bring people. To make for -- -- it's eight bucks a piece of the Container Store. You'd be giving the gift of not feeling guilty about buying disposable water bottles see how generous you -- I'm still -- -- wine -- -- this -- much cheesy. Press Leno and just nineteen dollars again -- MB month. For the music loving crowd. Couldn't new -- -- here. My favorite from a company called urban. They snapped together like play does she can Wear them around your -- home when -- snap shut very easy story. He could find him in north -- just 25 dollars. Target has barbies vacation house on sale for the lowest price they've had it all year. Transformers for six dollars and 99 cents. -- -- sixty dollars or 99. That's a good price but mostly I just like saying a -- long loops in. Wal-Mart has the real -- -- -- 35 dollars an Xbox Kinect games like -- central to the 49. It's now one. She definitely shouldn't buy gifts there at the last minute is the airport especially for electronic it's one -- by a company called deal -- you'll pay over 36%. Martha does electronic cash if you -- -- the airport so George maybe it's better check. Allow a little extra time -- the appointment to -- in. Isn't an intersection stop okay gazing Charlie homer to dogs would what do you have for their stockings. Yeah. A great idea someone told me about. At -- bath and beyond you can find these keepsake ornament -- for baby's first Christmas which is a great idea. But there -- also big enough that you could get your dog to put his paw print and he would have his own ornament on the tree and her -- doesn't want to act. That's a good morning -- -- -- prison. Hundreds you have kids and I know. That the struggled to keep the candy out of this dubbed the stocking is also kind of a channel -- that was so. One thing that I'm actually doing this -- -- went -- -- Michaels the craft store and they have really old school toy is that we're Superfund like. The will be will leave the magnetic -- you can -- hair on his -- and that's silly worms it's a double what I like the idea was pretty crafty stuff like tight cleaners and you know things that they can make into their stockings and -- might -- her idea to avoid the candy -- that happens on Christmas morning acts. An idea Becky thanks very much have a great holiday. Chip and all of you don't get these last minute stocking stuffer ideas -- Good Morning America dot com on Yahoo!.

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{"id":15220407,"title":"Christmas Stocking Stuffers for Under $25","duration":"4:09","description":"Becky Worley reveals exciting surprises to stuff in your families' stockings.","url":"/GMA/video/christmas-stocking-stuffers-25-15220407","section":"GMA","mediaType":"default"}