Christmas Trees in Overdrive

Holiday lovers go all out in decorating their family trees.
1:59 | 12/10/11

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Transcript for Christmas Trees in Overdrive
This isn't -- biggest weekend of the year for Christmas tree -- And Sunday. We'll go all out here's a look at the big and beautiful and well -- downright bizarre. -- trees trees and it's that time of year when people go extreme for Christmas trees. Check out this tree at the Bellagio on the Vegas strip. It's kids at 43 seats that's -- -- half stories tall. It weighs in at 6500. Pounds and was imported from Mount Shasta California. The goal maintenance the -- overall on the strip. We used it. Approximately. 18100 ornaments on the tree this -- is a hundred -- So we can't sit on the top of the -- we have to actually suspended. -- And at the Brunswick manner in Georgia they -- their -- pistons team over to. Thousand dollars worth of Christopher Radko ornaments miraculously world premiere Christmas ornament designer. Even where ones like this -- -- -- from hairspray she's worth a reported 3500 dollars. Or how about a look at America's wallet -- In -- in Michigan the Mona shores high school choir -- the community with their holiday concert using 300 students. You -- getting all your ordinance on the -- was hard. And that's a competing for a spot here the structure itself is -- 67 feet of steel. Weighs more than 35000. Pounds and has more than 20000. Lights and check this out in Rockland Maine this town claims to be a lobster capital of the world so why not make -- -- out of lobster traps. They use 152. Perhaps tying together with the 3000 zip -- you want to do it at the top and the bottom. Reported that through in -- -- -- making it 35 feet tall and -- line.

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{"duration":"1:59","description":"Holiday lovers go all out in decorating their family trees. ","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/GMA","id":"15127748","title":"Christmas Trees in Overdrive","url":"/GMA/video/christmas-trees-overdrive-15127748"}