Christmas weekend travel troubles across the country

Fifteen states are in the path of a major storm as travelers take to the roads and the skies on the busy holiday weekend.
2:54 | 12/23/17

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Transcript for Christmas weekend travel troubles across the country
We turn to the preholiday rush being complicated by weather. Nearly 100 million people are hitting the road this holiday weekend and many of them will be up against two sizable storms. Let's start with rob Marciano. Hey, guys, snow, ice and rain have been an issue the last 24 hour, record rain across parts of Arkansas, pine bluff, a roadway now a river. Four and six inches of rain reported in some areas. Heavier amounts across the Tennessee valley getting into colder air across the north and wintry mix north of 84 and 09 especially this morning de-icing programs in effect for some airports so that's a dicey go but I-95 mostly wet then colder air comes in behind this and sets the stage for potentially the white Christmas coming for Denver, getting up into Chicago a little bit here on Sunday. This is Christmas eve day then this kind of develops into ray coastal low. It's a quick mover so we don't expect a ton for the big cities but enough to get you in the spirit of things. We'll talk more about this but what's happening today as you head out to travel on the roadways right now as Eva pilgrim is with us. Reporter: Good morning. If you're planning to hit the roads now is the time to do it. You can see there aren't that many cars on the road right now. But as you travel today, expect to find traffic. From coast to coast millions of Americans are battling long lines, gridlock and mother nature en route to their holiday destinations. My wife was worried about it. Reporter: 15 states in the path of a major storm. Several issuing travel advisories. In Missouri it is causing slick road conditions. Seeking slipping off the road. This semi jackknifing as it slid off the highway. And last night in northern Texas, last-minute Christmas shoppers face low visibility and snow flurries. Many holiday travelers in Massachusetts hoped they could beat the storm. I was going to leave tomorrow morning. Now I'm going now but I'm trying to beat it. Reporter: Roads were so icy in Vermont authorities are asking travelers to avoid a 30-mile stretch of interstate. Trying to avoid having to travel if we can. Reporter: More than 107 million Americans are traveling this holiday season. Most 97 million are hitting the roads. Experts warning it could take three times longer to get where you're heading. Later flights, more traffic to contend with trying to get to the airport and then long lines at the security check-in. Those have been interesting challenges. Reporter: Guys, if you're trying to avoid traffic, the best days to travel, Christmas and new year's. Not sure that helps you get where you're going though, guys. Eva, thank you.

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{"duration":"2:54","description":"Fifteen states are in the path of a major storm as travelers take to the roads and the skies on the busy holiday weekend.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/GMA","id":"51967740","title":"Christmas weekend travel troubles across the country","url":"/GMA/video/christmas-weekend-travel-troubles-country-51967740"}