Christmas at the White House: The Obamas Interview

Barbara Walters chats with first couple in their only joint interview of 2011.
4:54 | 12/23/11

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Christmas at the White House: The Obamas Interview
In their only joint interview of the year president and mrs. Obama sat down with our Barbara Walters for. Twenty -- that you can see tonight at 10 PM eastern time here on ABC. And that's what the first -- most revealing a truly warm interviews yet and -- -- it -- little bit of a -- -- him a happy -- -- -- -- from your head. And you know looking forward to -- you are wonderful things you don't. So I've interviewed the Obama's not that there is an allowance -- of tradition at least for me. And it's -- bad that they sit down and talk together and never quite different when they do why did this time in addition -- serious questions. West of Boston questions from vanity -- question Laurie and -- -- they asked very personal things. And as you can -- that -- somewhat different -- -- -- how can look at. When I interviewed you after the 2008 election you said. About the -- lady she is my reality check. She knocks me down a few picks. Mrs. Obama how does one knock down the president -- -- pancakes no one knock him down how. But -- -- moloch about what. Any and everything had. Now here's Diana I didn't like dancing and singing dancing his singing -- funded -- the girls planned to do it two basically the straight man from the Obama. What's the trait you most deplore in yourself and the trait you most deploy and others. Laziness can -- lazy you know its interests. There is a deep down. Under me all the work -- -- I think there's a -- recently become candidates there's probably from. Brought up in Hawaii and it's sunny outside. Some on the beach sounds good to me Mike and the thing actually that I most dislike is -- and I can't stand cool people. I would say when people are unwilling to to compromise. And I only get when -- when -- She data myself -- it feel it should die and come back its owners let our if you look at what's gonna happen. If -- to die and come back as a prison I think. What would you want it to -- I know what it is flat. Eight I would -- -- -- boat I knew that I think you know how has I know your door behind but he's. -- why. The -- you want it back as Bob. And what do you what do you -- -- come back your own -- five now and then and only -- Mohammad -- I'm a dog but. Because he's got the best life look at he's got a good. What would you like some people do love Lincoln and yeah I'm looking at -- you're holding hands you -- basically the company and had. When -- next -- there you will then and still hold hands are slowly. He's very affectionate. Does she didn't -- is everywhere and the white -- -- I've never seen it more beautifully decorated and it's from gulf stopped on the trees and everything it's go go style. Parents who have lost a loved ones in war and a blue star where they have children still -- -- So why -- real -- out there -- pictures and statues and Phelps and -- and it all bow bow wow wow -- -- the president took those shopping. Exactly about that so that's -- -- this. Dot -- is popular -- so you did this interview right before they left for. -- Hawaii -- -- -- supposed to go together and then of course the president has to stay here. How -- -- and when this is Obama talked about compromise. She doesn't like people who don't compromise. That was a little something and then of course -- compromises. And not been. And you ask them about their their -- It would stay their their their message and that's -- let me read it at Genentech such that they they -- each -- different you know he's speaking as a president you speaking as -- First Lady. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- That better days are coming back -- have a president -- thinking about them every day mrs. Obama sent the holidays and have time to reach out to family. And friends -- -- -- hot. Can find forgiveness where it's needed. And that caring for the health and well being of children of the next generation. For her and from mostly as the most important -- wonderful was slightly -- spending Christmas -- them. I think he's starting a new -- -- -- -- I guess so yeah yeah I just -- just like this doesn't happen. The kids are wearing it today is that you know that the one hearings around Hollywood but with that but we've always been -- -- -- you -- him and we will be watching that I you can see all of Barbara's interview with two hearings with the president mrs. Obama tonight -- toys. Should be in eastern on an easy.

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{"duration":"4:54","description":"Barbara Walters chats with first couple in their only joint interview of 2011.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/GMA","id":"15220365","title":"Christmas at the White House: The Obamas Interview","url":"/GMA/video/christmas-white-house-obamas-interview-15220365"}