Christopher Dorner Manhunt: An International Search?

Pierre Thomas reports on the latest in the hunt for the Ex-LAPD wanted for murder.
1:43 | 02/12/13

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Transcript for Christopher Dorner Manhunt: An International Search?
Overnight, police conducted a raid at this hotel in tijuana, mexico. They apparently found no evidence he was there. But for days, customs officials have been hunting for dorner along the southernborder. And there's new details this morning about dorner's possible movements in the days before the shootings. Tmz obtained this surveillance video of a man who looks like dorner buying scuba gear, reportedly days before the killing began. And there's reports that dorner checked into this hotel in point loma, california, the same day, using his navy i.D. Trying to purposely avoid the cameras. Reporter: The news surfaces as dorner faces capital charges, that involve the murder of riverside officer, michael crane, gunned down last thursday. He was married with two children, ages 10 and 4. This individual, by both his words and cot, has made it very clear to all of us, that every law enforcement officer in southern california is in danger. Reporter: With the possibility of dorner's trail growing cold, the los angeles police chief issued a warning to the public. Don't think it's just about protecting cops. Man is a threat to every person in los angeles. Reporter: A city in fear is fighting back. The $1 million reward, now being offered, has led to a surge in tips. In total, more than 700 calls about clues have come in so far. Sources tell abc news, police are trying to reconstruct the last six months of dorner's life. They're looking at all his associates, including some identified as j.Y., In court records. Investigators believe he has ties to property where dorner's burning truck was discovered. Pierre, thanks. Now, to washington, where

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{"id":18474548,"title":"Christopher Dorner Manhunt: An International Search?","duration":"1:43","description":"Pierre Thomas reports on the latest in the hunt for the Ex-LAPD wanted for murder.","url":"/GMA/video/christopher-dorner-manhunt-international-search-lapd-cop-18474548","section":"GMA","mediaType":"default"}