Christopher Dorner Believed Dead After Shootout with Police

The manhunt for the alleged cop killer ended after a firefight in Big Bear Lake, California.
3:00 | 02/13/13

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Christopher Dorner Believed Dead After Shootout with Police
california. There's gripping video that's come out just overnight of that dangerous showdown between police and christopher dorner. Listen to the bullets. an unbelievable number of bullets exchanged between the suspect and police surrounding the cabin. Smoke bombs fired. Investigators this morning are trying to determine if, in fact, dorner was killed in the firefight inside a cabin that burned at big bear lake in california. Of course, we do know for sure that a sheriff's deputy was killed. Killed and shot by christopher dorner. Abc's cecilia vega has been covering the story all night. And joins us now this morning with the very latest. Good morning, cecilia. Reporter: Elizabeth, good morning to you. The search for christopher dorner lasted ten, long days. The heart of that search and now likely its finale, happening right here in this ski resort town east of los angeles. Sources tell abc news, a charred body was discovered in a burned-down house where a police. Now, authorities are looking to forensic evidence to confirm it was christopher dorner. After an all-day shoot-out filled with drama -- the week-long international manhunt for christopher dorner ended overnight in a blazing inferno and a hail of gunfire. local news stations broadcasting live -- what are you hearing is the scene unfolding live. Reporter: Sources tell abc news, it all started shortly after noon, when a maid called 911, saying she and another worker had been tied up and held hostage by dorner in a resort cabin. Remarkably, just a few yards from where police had been holding press briefings nearly a week. She told police she had broken free. But that dorner had stolen a car. That call sparked a swift and overwhelming response. Road closed, every car searched. Police say dorner crashes that car, then flees on foot. Shut down the freeway. Possibly for the subject we've been looking for. Reporter: Only to commandeer rick heltebrake's pickup. I stopped, put my truck in park. Put my hands up. Reporter: What he heard next, gunfire that sources say was also from the fugitive. this time, in a shoot-out with two approaching sheriff's deputies. Dorner killed one and wounds another before once again fleeing. Then, less than an hour later, residents report the sound of gunfire at a nearby cabin. As local news choppers hover overhead, s.W.A.T. Teams surround dorner and begin firing. The melee broadcast live on kcbs. The shots you're hearing are all from guns and weapons that are being fired by law enforcement officers. Reporter: By 2:00 p.M., Smoke is pouring out of the building. Then, flames. Shortly before 5:00, reports of a s.W.A.T. Team approaching a fire in an armored vehicle and injecting gas into the cabin. Before reportedly peeling back the walls of that cabin like an onion. For days, police were holding news conferences right across the street from this location. But this morning, neighbors who live here are telling us that at least for a short time, christopher dorner was holed up, george, right inside one of these houses. So close by. Cecilia, thanks.

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{"id":18487834,"title":"Christopher Dorner Believed Dead After Shootout with Police","duration":"3:00","description":"The manhunt for the alleged cop killer ended after a firefight in Big Bear Lake, California.","url":"/GMA/video/christopher-dorner-manhunt-lapd-cop-believed-dead-shootout-18487834","section":"GMA","mediaType":"default"}