Christy Turlington Takes the Challenge

Super model joins the Million Moms Challenge to help moms around the world.
2:02 | 11/06/11

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Transcript for Christy Turlington Takes the Challenge
The supermodel Christie to Arlington she has grace more than 500 magazine covers work for Calvin Klein and Versace even -- -- Duran Duran video but today. She's making news for a very different reason why is she running the New York City Marathon. She spoke -- ABC's juju Chang. Like most photographed women from the world but today to promote fifty -- can burn and walking. He's running -- -- Thank -- for the New York. Are you ready for at a marathon. I think I -- reading I can be she's running to help change the fact that pregnancy is the cause of death for teenage girls in developing countries. And she's urging moms across this country to join the -- -- call that you. For all moms to run five case why is that important. Five K it's actually the minimum distance woman -- Walk while pregnant tickets -- clinic women like Janet from Tanzania who -- featured in her film no woman no -- kids walked five miles. Apparently her third child about twenty days past her due date. She isn't observed for about fifteen minutes an hour. And then she was sent back that same distance come CNN needing an emergency procedure Christie herself suffered a serious complications during the birth of her daughter and your complication -- you in the developing world could have led to you're absolutely in my complication that led to postpartum hemorrhage which is the leading cause of maternal -- in the world. Being at the right place in the hands of the right people is what made all the difference and that's what I -- for every. And as she goes the distance today the supermodel will be old role model from homes across the globe juju Chang ABC news New York. To learn more about Christie -- Arlington and every mother counts go two million moms challenge dot com which is a joint project of ABC news in the UN foundation. Johnson & Johnson will donate a dollar for each of the first 100000 people who sign up or like ten million months challenge. On FaceBook.

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{"id":14891701,"title":"Christy Turlington Takes the Challenge","duration":"2:02","description":"Super model joins the Million Moms Challenge to help moms around the world. ","url":"/GMA/video/christy-turlington-takes-challenge-14891701","section":"GMA","mediaType":"default"}