Chuck Lorre Speaks Out About Charlie Sheen Feud

Creator of "Two and A Half Men" breaks his silence about the show's former star.
3:01 | 12/14/11

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Chuck Lorre Speaks Out About Charlie Sheen Feud
So much of that Charlie Sheen meltdown that cost him his job on Two and a Half Men was directed at the show's creator chuck Laurie. The taunts and insults were merciless -- Laurie mostly kept his silence until now. Gloria speaking out innings he's indicating of course had that memorable interview Sheen during all this as -- said. The story yet it was hard to miss -- you know during the time you may remember chuck Gloria and Charlie Sheen appeared to be locked in a bitter feud before -- was fired. Now -- is denying there was ever feud saying he was more concerned about sheen's well being. He says it was not a gain but big time cocaine use and an -- drug -- that could have ended in sheen's death or someone else's. He was the man in the cross -- during Charlie -- epic meltdown almost one year ago he picked a fight with a warlock you little worm Two and a Half Men creator chuck glory was embroiled in what appeared to be an explosive public feud with the shows falling star chuck glory sets the record straight now the Hollywood mega producer is finally breaking his silence. There's been -- characterization of the feud between the two us and -- felt like I was in the -- the Philippines my friend I really love the guy. I loved working with a. It's hard to believe Laurie could be so forgiving in this ET -- -- After Sheen relentlessly attacked a mini series of radio rants. I've spent I think have caused the last decade converting everything it can can in the pure gold and the gratitude thank goodness. Get is that it is -- And -- an open letter he called Laurie a contaminated little Magid I wish him nothing but pain. -- comments were the final straw -- -- and the network Charlie spoke to a shortly after he was fired two there on a battlefield and they like their emotions and -- no. Basically the strap on their diapers at the time Sheen admitted he was struggling with drug use are we talking about how much. I don't know man I was -- and seven gram rocks and finishing them because that's how -- -- have one speed one -- go. -- told TV guide he watched the actor quickly spiral out of control. The studio claims -- was losing too much weight and forgetting his lines Laurie even feared he might die. The studio and network chose to make a moral decision as opposed to a financial one. People were really frightened that they were signing off on what could have had devastating consequences. While she has cleaned up his -- and is even working on a forthcoming series called anger management. Laurie credits the actor who took sheen's place on Two and a Half Men with giving the show its own fresh start. They confession hadn't come along -- big show deal. -- he was a remarkable guy who came along just when we needed them. She made news again yesterday for tweeting his cell number to his five point five million followers. The message was apparently meant for Justin Bieber it included his number and said call me bro seat. She got tons of phone calls and even answered some of them saying ray's pizza and of course winning -- That direct message -- every time now -- seriously looking at his number disconnected than those getting through anymore but it took a hit thanks very much.

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{"id":15152277,"title":"Chuck Lorre Speaks Out About Charlie Sheen Feud","duration":"3:01","description":"Creator of \"Two and A Half Men\" breaks his silence about the show's former star.","url":"/GMA/video/chuck-lorre-speaks-charlie-sheen-feud-15152277","section":"GMA","mediaType":"default"}