Cincinnati Woman Sues Ex Husband Over Secret Recordings

Catherine Zang says her ex kept her under surveillance while they were married.
3:00 | 09/19/12

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Cincinnati Woman Sues Ex Husband Over Secret Recordings
A woman from ohio is suing her ex-husband over secret recordings made while they were still married. Katherine sanks says he wired their homes for months. And now, she wants him to pay for it. Reporter: You know, the song, "i always feel like somebody's watching me." That's the case for this woman. But she says her ex-husband used surveillance to monitor her constantly. Her lawyer says it wasn't for protection. There it is. There it is. I found it. What? An eye hole here. Reporter: Zach holbrooke was in shock when he discovered a hidden camera in an electrical outlet in his living room. More startling, the equipment was put in place to spy on his mother, katherine zang, secretly put there by her husband, joe. I felt very violated. Reporter: This equipment was hidden behind the walls in at least one room in her home. A simple home video camera, tv and recording device, tracked her family's every movement, including a vicious argument between cathy and joe. Even capturing the moment police showed up. You pushed me. Good god. What is wrong with you? Reporter: The recordings went on for months and are now at the center of a federal court battle over the right to privacy in the 21st century. What do you do when both people pay the bills? When both people share the same computer, purchase it together? It's difficult for a prosecutor to say, well, you have committed a crime against this other person. We're not going to allow victimization like this to continue. Joe is a home builder. He has actually put small microphones and cameras in wall outlets and disguise them as actual wall outlets. To the average person, it looks like an outlet on the wall. He was hacking into my personal computer account and getting into my e-mails. At some point, he had a gps on my car. Reporter: Catherine divorced joe last year. But now, several of her relatives and friends are battling him in court, filing lawsuits for privacy invasion, after they, too, were caught on those secret recordings. He was pretty much videotaping 24/7. There are some embarrassing things that, you know, i wouldn't want other people to see because I was in the privacy of my own home. Reporter: We tried to reach out to joe zang and his lawyers. But neither returned our phone calls. What makes this case even more complicated, is catherine's lawyer, don, was removed from the case two weeks ago because he might be called as a witness. He's married to catherine's sister. And according to joe, don was the one who advised him to install it in the first place. A lot of twist there's.

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{"id":17269509,"title":"Cincinnati Woman Sues Ex Husband Over Secret Recordings","duration":"3:00","description":"Catherine Zang says her ex kept her under surveillance while they were married.","url":"/GMA/video/cincinnati-woman-sues-husband-secret-recordings-17269509","section":"GMA","mediaType":"default"}