Orphaned Gorilla Adopted by New Mom

Cincinnati Zoo used human surrogates before introducing Gladys to her new gorilla mom.
1:36 | 07/01/13

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Orphaned Gorilla Adopted by New Mom
So do you guys remember baby gladys. Little gorilla rejected by her mom right after being born. This morning we have a first look at her bonding with her new mommy, her surrogate mother at the cincinnati zoo and botanical garden. Little orphan gladys, the 5-month-old gorilla captured the hearts of people everywhere after being rejected by her mother days after birth. I groom her so I'm not kidding you I'm yanking the hair. Reporter: Abc news was there at the cincinnati zoo for the very odd-looking experiment. I always use a gorilla accent when I talk to gladys like gladys. Reporter: Ten human surrogates prepared her to be united with a new mom wearing faux fur, grooming and feeding her all in the ways of the gorilla. Our own matt gutman even tried it out. She just peed on me. Reporter: Finally the moment of truth. This exclusive look as gladys meets her new gorilla mom. Though gladys was nervous and tentative on day one, her new adoptive mom seemed pleased, slowly inching her way to the young gorilla before gently picking her up, resting her on her own chest. You can even see her gently patting gladys' back as they both take a rest and rooting them on, those ten guardian angels or gorillas with faux fur and big hearts.

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{"id":19541857,"title":"Orphaned Gorilla Adopted by New Mom","duration":"1:36","description":"Cincinnati Zoo used human surrogates before introducing Gladys to her new gorilla mom.","url":"/GMA/video/cincinnati-zoo-gorilla-gladys-adopted-mom-19541857","section":"GMA","mediaType":"default"}