'Cinderella' Stars on the Romance, Enchantment of the New Film

Lily James and Richard Madden discuss taking on the lead roles in the retelling of a classic tale.
3:52 | 03/10/15

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Video Transcript
Transcript for 'Cinderella' Stars on the Romance, Enchantment of the New Film
? So it is the ultimate rags-to-riches story with two stars on the rise. This is Disney's live action remake of the 1950 animated classic "Cinderella" and we are thrilled to be joined by the two leads, lily James who plays lady rose on "Downton abbey" and Richard madden who starred as Robb stark on "Game of thrones". Very different role here, though. Take a look. Where do you live? At the palace. My father's teaching me his trade. You're an apprentice? Of a sort. That's very fine. Do they treat you well? Oh, better than I deserve most likely. And you? They treat me as well as they're able. Oh, look at that gorgeous shot. Well done, Lilly, in the control room and now little a and Richard, prince charming and Cinderella in the house. Welcome to "Good morning America." Thank you. So I want to start with you. What is it like to get that call? You are going to play the iconic, the one and only, every little girl's dream character? I mean, it's hard to describe it. He rang me himself for a start, hello. And then, yeah, then he told me and I screamed and I was so shocked and so happy and then instantly quite terrified. Yeah, I would imagine there's a little bit of pressure along with all the excitement of playing that fairy tale. Yeah, there was. I think we both felt that pressure, didn't we. That kind of fear because lots of people know this character before you got your hands on it and can't let people down. When I'm hearing your accent it's quite proper british in the film but scottish -- Scottish. Love the brogue. Yes. Is that hard to contain when you're in character? No, I think to everyone's annoyance I stay in the accent when I'm working for the film just to make sure that the scottish notes don't slip through. How was it for you to play the -- to go from Robb stark to prince charming? Nice, nice to be -- nice to be in new costumes for a change, cost opportunities that don't smell because I've been wearing them for year, nice to not be worried people are going to be killing my family every day. Agreed. Quite different here although there is as we all know in the tale there are tears and there's a lot of joy but Kenneth branagh wanted to give this a modern twist. Your Cinderella is very strong. Oh, good. He was really clear about that right from the tart that he wanted this to be a strong heroine that wasn't waiting for a prince to save her. She was in charge of her own destiny and when we meet we meet as equals in the forest not knowing who each other are which is a subtle but big change from the original. All right. Really important, how did you not step on lily's gown? You looked like perfection, ca calling "Dancing with the stars." How many takes? No, we had two months of practice. The first time -- I destroyed two practice dresses -- It was quite a lot of rips. There were a lot of rips, we pieced it back together, I think. We practiced a lot so on the day we could focus on the acting and not think about our feet so much. He did amazing. Sort of ice skate so that he wouldn't step on it and sandy Powell was in the corner of the room, the designer -- Don't touch it. Well, you did beautifully. I love the glass slipper. Cate Blanchett is deliciously evil. Yeah. And your friend Sophie from "Downton abbey" plays drizella in a perfectly evil way. Isn't she amazing with her lipstick in her hair? Nice dear four from "Downton". Can't wait to see what you're up to next. You are the best on "Game of thrones." Amy and I were discuss egg over there. Check it out, opens nationwide on Friday. Don't go anywhere.

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{"duration":"3:52","description":"Lily James and Richard Madden discuss taking on the lead roles in the retelling of a classic tale. ","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/GMA","id":"29525143","title":"'Cinderella' Stars on the Romance, Enchantment of the New Film","url":"/GMA/video/cinderella-stars-romance-enchantment-film-29525143"}