Cindy Crawford's Rule for Child's Makeup

D.L. Hughley, Siggy Flicker go "Toe-to-Toe" on the appropriate age for kids to wear makeup.
3:00 | 08/07/12

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Transcript for Cindy Crawford's Rule for Child's Makeup
I'm lara spencer. Another controversial subject today. Is 11 years old too young to wear makeup? Yesterday, we told you about cindy crawford telling her 11-year-old daughter she's not allowed to wear makeup. She caught a lot of heat for allowing her daughter to model and on looking very old for her age. How young is too young for cosmetics? That. That young. That's too young. Two new lines of beauty products geared towards tweens. The pixiglow palette to the tinkerbell set. No, sarina, not any of this is coming home. Will willa knows her clientele. Back in my day, it was bonnie bell. When is the right time to bust out the lip gloss for your little one? She's the star of vh-1's why am I still single and he's an author and comedian. Please welcome, siggy flicker and d.L. Hughley. Come on out, you two. ♪ all right. D.L. Did you deal with this? Did you deal with young girls? Actually, I did. They're going to do it any way. They're going the sneak off and do it any way. You want the mother to do it, instead of a gang girl do it. When did you become a ? Announcer: Today on "the chew" -- it's hot outside, so chill out inside with "the chew's" easy and delicious summertime sweets. From a chocolate chip napoleon, to a rich, velvety lemon souffle. And a punch bowl creamsicle! Plus, carla hall's keeping her cool with a frozen key lime ice cream cake. Even the hilarious cedric the entertainer is escaping the heat with a super sweet blueberry coconut tart. Then, insider secrets from america's most beloved candy factory. This is why cracker jacks is a success. Announcer: And it starts right now, on "the chew." They snuck and did it. I think they're going to do i any way. That's what I did. I wasn't allowed to wear it until seventh grade. We brought it to school, we put it on. You thought you were so smart. Then you took it off. Your moms know. I do think there's a reason that you want to prevent your child from looking older. There is that sort of image that comes out in -- you, I'm hsure have a lot to say. I have a 10-year-old. She's not allowed to wear makeup. I agree with cindy. It's about balancing. A lot of parent today try to be best friends with their kids. Not many my house. I'm not your best friend. I'm your mother. You came out of my body, I did not come out of yours. Oh, boy. I say to sophie, there will be a time to wear makeup. On weekends, a wedding, an event, I'll let her put on a little bit of gloss. It's not appropriate until 13, bar mitzvahs, weddings, communions. You have to let them know their limits or else they will fly wit. Isn't this a response to popular culture? You see the "toddlers & tiaras" kids. You see young girls starting to evolve and become young ladies. When we were growing up, you didn't wear makeup. My daughters did not date until they were 16. Well, itwell, it worked. So far, as I know. Until their books come out. You did what? But it was such a different time. I remember, we used to -- everybody had a picture of the lord in the house. Making out -- you can't kiss anybody with the lord right there. I think that if you -- the more you want them to not do something and the more you make it mysterious, the more they're going to do it. Yep, yep. They just are. I agree. You said, the lord was this your house. In my house, girls are looking up to victoria's secret. I say, I have siggy secret. The men, they want to girl next door. Less is more. You don't want to feel -- they want -- you remember. It's so hard for them to understand. When you're young, you want to be older. When your older, you want to be younger. How do we slow that down? If -- having gone through it, it really was -- I knew if i freak out, they would just like -- when they had boyfriends I didn't like or did something i didn't like, I tried not to overreact. That was carte blanche for them to want to do it any way. The more you push something, the more they want to do it. Even wants to be very sexual. The movies, the games, everything. You can offer up a variety of role models. The phenomenal women in london. Some of them, the women athletes, some of them you don't -- have you seen the weight lifter girls. Baby, don't come home like that. But you can come home with a soccer ball eight days a week. We have been asking you what you feel. What do you think is the is 11 years old too young to wear makeup? I want to meet the 6%. I guess we all agree. That makes tremendous television.

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{"id":16950253,"title":"Cindy Crawford's Rule for Child's Makeup","duration":"3:00","description":"D.L. Hughley, Siggy Flicker go \"Toe-to-Toe\" on the appropriate age for kids to wear makeup.","url":"/GMA/video/cindy-crawfords-rule-childs-makeup-debate-16950253","section":"GMA","mediaType":"default"}