Free Botox Lures Home Buyers

Real estate agents are using some interesting tactics to close deals.
2:17 | 12/02/11

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Transcript for Free Botox Lures Home Buyers
The weekend is it time for house hunting if you're in the market but anyone trying to sell a home these days knows it is a buyer's market -- David. Write reports real estate agents are taking extremes to sell those houses. In this real estate market that in Beverly Hills location location location. Isn't enough. -- is that location location and Botox. It is I mean part of the rule these days is attracting people to the house so at a recent open house the pharmaceutical. Fountain of youth was one of the draw its sleeve. Raffle off about three you know for the Botox but I think it's about 23 units -- -- -- enough to get rid of the two elevens the -- between guys this Tuscan style a lot so truly. Has he -- call your neighbors would include Sylvester Stallone Eddie Murphy and Denzel Washington. As well as some of the richer real housewives of Beverly Hills and madness that she. -- you today. It -- the friendly but -- only -- but in this market competition for the 1% crowd fiercer than ever knew what to do. So what do waited until I was crazy that they can track we had the new Audi a eight products for people -- -- test drives. We. A -- -- such as by the cool real estate agent to the stars -- Beijing and recently had a blockbuster open house to. Acrobat on stilts contortions. They have a -- -- pistol I think. And hasn't led to resentment least immediately after that while. -- -- Buyer's agents are also pulling out the stops bend Salem shows his high end clients around by helicopter. The -- feel like they're they're the kings for the day or the queens for the day roll up their car to the -- had. And -- have a nice dinner afterwards. Million dollar commissions state it's well worth. We're gonna do it the next well I've done a little research and her you can -- girls to come roll cigars. My -- of private golf lessons might be -- location location. And in this market. Averages. For Good Morning America David Wright ABC news covered hills.

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{"duration":"2:17","description":"Real estate agents are using some interesting tactics to close deals.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/GMA","id":"15072629","title":"Free Botox Lures Home Buyers","url":"/GMA/video/circus-acts-free-botox-lure-home-buyers-15072629"}