Circus Performer Speaks Out After Hair-Raising Accident

Samantha Pitard was among the eight female acrobats who fell 35 feet while hanging by their hair.
5:20 | 05/07/14

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Transcript for Circus Performer Speaks Out After Hair-Raising Accident
You're looking at that heart-stopping video of the horrifying circus accident, plunging more than 30 feet to the ground, during a stunt that went terribly wrong. It's stunning that they all survived. Thank goodness for that. One of the performers out of the hospital, speaking out with us in an ABC news exclusive. We begin with the latest on the investigation. It's the heart-stopping moment when whimsy turned to terror. Eight female acrobats hanging by their hair at the ringling brother circus performance on Sunday. Plunging 28 feet to the ground. The chandelier crashing down on them. Please enjoy the intermission at this time, while we situation ourselves during this accident. Reporter: Nearly 4,000 audience members, many of them children, watched in horror. All of the performers survived. Samantha from Illinois, seen here in the formation, has been with ringling brothers since 2012. The investigation into the failed clamp continues. And Samantha joins us, now. Good morning, Samantha. First things first. How are you feeling the. I'm a little bit sore this morning. But overall, I'm feeling okay. What were your injuries? I got a couple small fractures on my spine, which I actually really can't feel. So, that's kind of nice. I got a cut on my head. I got three stitches. And I bit my tongue really hard when I came down. My tongue's kind of messed up. You sound okay. How are your friends doing? They are all going to recover just fine. They're all being taken care of really well. But everyone, thankfully, is expected to fully recover, which we are all incredibly, incredibly happy about. Everybody's been in such good spirits. So -- That is great news. Take us back to that moment. Any sense at all that day that something was wrong? Absolutely not. We did our Normal thing. It was just like a Normal day. I mean, we've done this show hundreds of times. There's a big -- we go inside a big curtain that will eventually drop to reveal us hanging up there. All eight of us, hanging by our hair. We went in, got connected up. Everything was just like any Normal show. And -- The curtain went down. You all went down, too. The curtain went down. And we got to about the third, like, position. Hear a huge popping noise. And then, just plummet to the ground. The next thing you know you're on the ground. What did you see? What did you hear? What did you feel? Once I caught my breath, I was actually -- I landed sitting up. And I was looking around, just to see if I could tell how the other girls were. The paramedics were like, you need to lay down right now. I said, I think I'm okay. No. Just lay down. I laid down. What would you tell about the others? I was asking. Is everybody alive? And they were able to tell me, yes, everybody is alive. Everybody is conscious, which is incredible. I don't know how. Somebody was watching over us, for sure. Nothing like this has ever happened before, right? No. I mean, we've been practicing this act since last year. Our troupe leader is huge on safety. Huge. Like, that is his top priority. So, like, we all feel very safe with him. We feel very safe in the troupe. And personally, you know, I feel safe. It's surprising to most of us that the steel clasp would break but your hair would hold out. What is the secret to your strong hair? We have to take really, really good care of it. Use really nice shampoo. Take lots of vitamins. Eat healthy. You have to have the right hair, the right thickness. The right strength. The big thing is, to take good care of it. You can't dye it. You can't use product in it. You can't blow dry it. You can't straighten it. It has to be just natural. You'll be going back in the air? Yes. Now, I mean, for now, it will be a while. And it's not sure if, you know, any of us will be doing hair again. So, I will eventually, not sure when yet, eventually go back to the show. For the time being, I'm going to be staying here with all my girls. We're so glad you're doing better this morning. And please give our best to all of your girls. I will. I will visit them in a few hours. Thanks a lot, Samantha. Thank you. It's amazing how well she's doing. It's great she's talking. Hope they all make a full recovery. Now, to the powerful speech this mother's day week from the

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{"id":23619609,"title":"Circus Performer Speaks Out After Hair-Raising Accident","duration":"5:20","description":"Samantha Pitard was among the eight female acrobats who fell 35 feet while hanging by their hair.","url":"/GMA/video/circus-performer-speaks-hair-raising-accident-23619609","section":"GMA","mediaType":"default"}