Clint Eastwood: The Mind Behind 'J. Edgar'

Movie legend discusses directing latest flick starring Leonardo DiCaprio.
5:24 | 11/09/11

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Clint Eastwood: The Mind Behind 'J. Edgar'
And a great things about this job we get -- -- great people here with the best to what they did like Leo DiCaprio Clint Eastwood also. Qualifies more than fifty years the top of Hollywood actor writer director even composer. And had a chance sit down earlier this week for his new movie about the man who served more than fifty years at the top of the FBI. -- any strong feelings about Hoover before you Begin found. Not really I get a grown up with -- always being the top cop from the head of the FBI and the image that. He had out there but I didn't really know that much about -- I first became familiar. With Hoover was. In the forties and that wasn't a real information age movers and man who's really seemed. Very comfortable wielding power and it's really shares -- the -- we're gonna -- with them. He confronts Bobby Kennedy with information about his brother Jack the president basically blackmailing -- this is the end of -- -- Communism is a foreign threat now not domestic. Mr. Kennedy's. Before you would even formed. That very same argument for me mister Mitchell Paul. -- -- took to change his mind. A ball. Art I do not want it to happen to you or you'll Brooks this. No reason we need people can't get. To wage war on -- folks. Don't -- You can go now missed a -- -- -- -- -- -- Not at all Hoover you show him with the Kennedys the Roosevelt was Nixon. He really tried to use the secrecy collected to hold power over presidents' day he had files on a lot of people and it was a great curiosity about these files in fact even after. He passed away. Congressional committees were interrogating. Helen Gandy to find out what happens longtime secretary -- longtime secretary and why she did. Destroyed. The files and nobody ever will know what. Because he was he was a man of mystery. And then mystery man obsessed with secrecy and another way to look at the film it's almost -- a series of interlocking love stories it's absolutely beautiful. Hopefully this mother -- -- was Helen -- secretary for forty years Hoover. With Clyde tolls and assistant Mike for more than fifty had a few relationships of -- his whole life. Yeah I think he probably didn't trust a lot of people but that those people. He did have no way of instilling. Loyalty of people until some became. It is inseparable power that I know you say you're sort of agnostic on whether or not it was gay relationship between told -- -- but it's so -- Clear that they were the most important. Person each other's -- yeah well they might event they might have he might have been none. Agnostic about it only in the sense that. -- I don't really know. And nobody really. Really new but it was definitely a love story amended obviously. You can love a person -- -- whether it goes into the realm of being gay or -- that's. He -- here -- there as far as I'm concerned it's clear also that Hoover. In the film was -- who loves -- country. But it's hard to determine whether he into believing he was good or bad for the country well I think he had. He probably was good for the country now whether he became obsolete at some point in his life -- wasn't keeping -- forest. That changes is as fast as they were coming down. We don't know let him know that I have a copy of my -- safe keeping. Leo DiCaprio is here. Talking to Rodman and he said -- thinks he loves about working with views you know pulling punches -- like something to say so that's true. -- -- -- -- -- -- Though he did he's is terrific. Very -- an actor and he tried very hard to know -- -- secret about Hoover and get a great impression that he could. He could pass on two that this interpretation. You with fueled -- seven -- innocuous now costs. And so we know now that I have -- here I have to ask you a few weeks back. James Baker former secretary of state. Campaign manager for George Bush back in 1988. He gave an interview to I guess to George Bush library sent back in 1988 -- eighteen points behind Michael Dukakis and they actually of the discussions. I'm asking you to be and the ticket for vice president. Do you know about no I did. Who what you gotta think -- I wouldn't set I wanna be the first part of the ticket item. My look at the look at a lot of -- supporting. I fully believe. In the one final question I know -- supported John McCain last time any of the candidate yet but -- But I got to wait and see lot of good people want the job. I don't know why particularly offensive smiled through this new one and it didn't -- -- the I've changed my mind sister -- I get it the movie is fantastic -- powerful.

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{"id":14913871,"title":"Clint Eastwood: The Mind Behind 'J. Edgar'","duration":"5:24","description":"Movie legend discusses directing latest flick starring Leonardo DiCaprio.","url":"/GMA/video/clint-eastwood-mind-edgar-14913871","section":"GMA","mediaType":"default"}