Closing Arguments in Michael Jackson Trial

Dan Abrams and Nancy Grace discuss the trial of Dr. Conrad Murray.
5:34 | 11/04/11

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Transcript for Closing Arguments in Michael Jackson Trial
Let's bring in our legal dream team together again Nancy Grace -- -- Nancy Grace on H Allen and -- GMA legal analyst Dan Abrams good to have you both here and Nancy let me Begin. I've taken since he's not. Not here right now. We -- yeah. Nancy OK -- start out your former prosecutor let's let's. Let's talk about the prosecution's closing arguments there a lot of -- a little sarcasm as well. Yeah -- right about that but what's concerning me in addition to the closing arguments that -- that is what you just played two. Body guards climbing doctors should be on trial for keeping Michael Jackson -- -- hello. Nobody is on trial because there's not a crime to be -- It's a crime to -- did -- by having pro football shot into -- dead body Agile all of your organs. -- -- -- -- -- a powerful surgical anesthetic that is not to be used outside the operating room this guy didn't even know what about. It's actually not a crime to be putting drugs into a dead body but if you were put into a live body that is that is a crime -- I know I think it. But I think with the closing of our other note closing -- look I I think that. The prosecution's closing -- -- was a bit stronger. I've been the defense I think the defense was Smart to bring up this idea this wasn't Michael Jackson we might not be here today the problem -- -- the way they did it. Was it. I think the constant reference for example to this -- -- a reality show was a bit condescending. To the jury is if they don't know hope that there are there for a trial -- need to be reminded. That this isn't a reality show -- -- I think he's sort of dangerous water for the defense Nancy. Well yes I do. A tip it's I was offended by suggesting that a homicide trial is somehow -- -- to. A reality show. One thing for the defense says they -- -- have a lot to work with because of their big theory is that Michael Jackson self administered tribal -- c'mon. They -- beside the dead I believe was a TM CC. You know when you give children my three year -- Benadryl they get five -- else. There's no way that a Jackson had shot himself up with a a syringe of TN CC. That all of his -- I've gotten the autopsy report here. His deliver the patriots humor in his eyes his blood his -- and he was saturated. With -- -- you're not getting that out of one -- and it's -- not gonna have. Nancy do you agree with me that if the jurors have real questions. As to whether Jackson could have injected himself. That there really might be an acquittal there. Yeah I think that an acquittal especially California. -- the good isn't good. Katie saying it can't happen here and another saying it Dan as much as I don't like it. People generally like their doctors I want my doctor I -- ended the -- the news the last thing I saw. Wondering you know -- make it on my twins grow up without a mother -- but I trusted my doctor. -- -- do not like to convict doctors and very very wisely stayed mom. He -- the jury suspect he may be guilty rather than take to stay and they confirm their suspicions that he's got that going to. Hornets the flip side of that of course is that people also hold doctors -- higher stand and all of the things that Doctor Murray didn't do that he should've done didn't do the they shouldn't have done. Is going to be a real problem pillaging plant kind of -- to convict even if he brought the -- -- into the room with insurers really believe that Michael gave it to him. And -- out yet look at legally the judge is giving them a reason that they could convict. Even if they believe that he may have done himself I think it would be very hard for these jurors to -- -- that what about this question that the defense raised and then just referred to as it. We wouldn't be here if this were anyone -- the victim or -- one by Michael Jackson right about that. I don't block. Block George here's the deal. Whenever a celebrity. Is on trial for that it is the defendant it's all about celebrity justice now he's finally have a celebrity -- is a victim. You know you can't have your cake and eat it to you can't have it both ways. And the way I see this is it the reason that this is getting any traction is because it's Michael Jackson has not why it's in corn I didn't know -- not a leg to stand. Imagine non celebrity having a private doctor. Giving improved before and you know all the things that happening -- 450 grad on my right -- think that this is the sort of thing that really only happens to a celebrity pathologist would be -- -- -- the -- what shouldn't have been in the room -- but but what. Art. And -- -- assortment Allen's lead down a million -- And oh yeah. And the intelligent I'm trying to -- -- yeah okay. -- and you know it's interesting actually is that. As the case moved on we heard less and less I think about this idea doctor -- trying to wean off Michael Jackson often hit the sit com and wars probably mark yeah I mean more about really focusing on reasonable doubt I think that we'll have a couple seconds left you guys both -- in this quick quick verdict -- not. I think it's gonna take a little bit of time I think that high profile cases jurors -- -- cross the t.s and dot BI even if they all -- degree at the beginning -- Well I say take a look at what they're wearing this morning if all the men are decked out in suits and ties count on a verdict. I say they'll be out for a little while everybody screaming for a verdict on Friday I don't think it's gonna happen.

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{"duration":"5:34","description":"Dan Abrams and Nancy Grace discuss the trial of Dr. Conrad Murray.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/GMA","id":"14879994","title":"Closing Arguments in Michael Jackson Trial","url":"/GMA/video/closing-arguments-michael-jackson-trial-doctor-conrad-murray-14879994"}