Clothing company tests men to see whether they notice their dates' outfit changes

The U.K. clothing company called River Island set up different dating scenarios to test "change blindness" to see whether men noticed when their dates changed their outfits.
8:11 | 10/06/17

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Transcript for Clothing company tests men to see whether they notice their dates' outfit changes
It's great to have everybody at home watching. Great to have everybody here in our studio oudin on this Friday monk. You hear that song. It's a Good Friday jam. George, don't hold it in. All right. We need our next guest out here for what we're going to talk about, so please give a warm welcome to a good friend of ours, Alfonso Ribeiro. ??? Just dance ??? Hello. How are you? Hello, dear. Hey, buddy. Good to see you. Good to see you. Hello, darling. Hi, mwah. Big man. What's up? I'm good. Kind of clothes. Trying to look good. You know what I love, I'm looking at the side of you. Did they tell you to slide across the floor? You know, it's just kind of my move now from "Dancing with the stars" and it's automatically S automatically sashay. But first let's talk about this. I bet this happened to somebody in here. You have changed something big about your appearance and may have gotten your hair cut and may have changed your outfit and your significant other did not notice at all. Has that happened to anybody here. Oh, yeah, absolutely. Well, I saw a few women look at their husband like, yeah, that has happened. You right. You right. There's a name for it. It's called change wildness. Change blindness. Interesting. A clothing company called river island in the uk and they put this to the test. So watch this. ??? So hot, hot, hot ??? ??? don't watch ??? They set up different dating scenarios to see if men notice when their date changed their outfit. Now, this -- this one woman changed four times and he didn't notice at all. Wow, wow. Another -- yeah. Another changed from a skirt to jeans, no reaction. And here's what happened when the woman told them what was -- told them what was going on and this is what happened. You weren't? Do you like it? Yeah. It's nice. This is not the same bag I was wearing when I first walked in. Yeah. Okay, what's happening? By the way, that was their last date. Yes. They actually got married. They got married. You expect 10 years in, 15 years in, first date. Changing your shirt? I mean, listen, we've all gone through circumstances where we're like, you know, you come home and your wife has gotten her hair done and you're like, I don't see you at all because we've got little kids and running after your kids and not focusing. You did not blame it on the kids. Blame it on the kids. Come on -- I love when you get home and she just waits. Waits you out. Didn't even notice. You know, it goes to show. We work together every day and it's great because you guys didn't notice I changed something about myself this morning. Your hair? Leave now. I changed my tie, people. I changed my tie. Didn't even notice. See. Gotcha. Look at that. We have change blindness. You know what, I am just deeply disappointed in all of you. You know what, I don't have to work because I wasn't out here and didn't see your other tie so I would have gotten it. Yeah. You would have gotten it. It means they don't really look at you, Mike. I was looking in your eyes. I wasn't looking at your tie. We're so dazzled by what he's saying. If you would have put on blue contacts they would have recognized. George always made me use language I can't use on TV with that one right there. We're going to change the topic. We're done. I want to show everybody this picture that lit up the internet. You and the gang from "Fresh prince." Oh, yes. I mean, people are still crazy about you all. What is it like? Is it like old times when you have these moments? It's literally like every time we get together it's like we've never been apart. You know, it's like family, right? If you don't see a family member for awhile you just -- it's just like you pick up. That's like family for all of us. It was a charity event we had for Karen parsons, sweet blackberry and all getting together for that and I always find it really funny because they're always like a reunion and I'm like, no, we just hung out. There's no reunion. We just kind of got together and hung out. I don't know why it's a reunion. We see each other all the time so it's not like -- just never as a full group, right? That was special. Made it nice. Nice to see. You're a jack of all trades, you sing, you dance, you're funny, you play golf. I do, a lot of golf. A lot of golf in anything you can't do is the question. I can't dunk. I can't dunk a basketball. Okay. And I'm really, really bad at hockey. All right. I don't skate. You know, there ain't a lot of black people that skate. We just don't skate so well. You know, anything hot, I like to be in hot places but I used to race cars professionally and I -- Professionally. Yeah, I used to race formula cars and, you know, growing up my dad was my manager and he used to always say, look, if you have, you know, think of it like this. If you have eggs in a basket, right, they're going to hatch at different types and you'll always have an opportunity for one to hatch and to get hot so in my career, right, it's been, oh, well, work on your writing. Work on your hosting, singing, dancing, work on your acting, one might hatch and then you're able to use that for awhile and then it goes away so, you know, this way I can always stay, you know, current because I'm currently doing something new every day. Yes. You know what -- Great. One of -- we're going to take a look at a clip of one of the eggs that has hatched for you. Okay. We'll take a look at a new season of "Afv," "America's funniest videos". That dog is just not a cat person. I get it. I get it. It's got to be so much fun to do. I tell you, obviously we've come -- I've come here several types and talked about the show. I love being on this show because I really get to go to work every day and laugh. And then this current state of affairs in the U.S., like, boy, do we need some laughter. Do we need to just take a second and let things not be so serious and laugh and I think that's what we kind of bring to Sunday nights for families because, you know, they can sit there with their kids and just after all that's going on just sit and laugh and have a great time and I just -- I love it. I love going to work every day and laughing at these people. Nothing better than me. Laughing with them. No, I laugh at them. I laugh at them. Definitely laugh at them and so this year we have a new time slot so they've moved us from 7:00, 6:00 central to 8:00, 7:00 central. Feels like an upgrade in it feels like that. "Shark tank" follows us and they're the two most co-watched shows on TV and so I think ABC really has figured out kind of what they wanted to do with their Sunday nights now and creating shows for the family to sit together, you know, from 7:00, all the way to 9:00 then their 10:00 show is a little more serious. It's just fun. I feel blessed to have these opportunities and to be able to do what I love to do. May you have many more eggs like this. Yes, we'll keep hatching. Keep hatching them. My wife wants to hatch a new one and I just keep going, no, it's not happening. No thanks. You can watch the new season of "America's funniest home videos" Sunday night at 8:00 eastern and pacific. Right here on ABC. Thanks for coming in. Thank you, guys.

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{"id":50316255,"title":"Clothing company tests men to see whether they notice their dates' outfit changes","duration":"8:11","description":"The U.K. clothing company called River Island set up different dating scenarios to test \"change blindness\" to see whether men noticed when their dates changed their outfits.","url":"/GMA/video/clothing-company-tests-men-notice-dates-outfit-50316255","section":"GMA","mediaType":"default"}