Clouded Leopards Amaze 'GMA' Anchor

Dan Harris spends time with the rare and secretive big cats.
2:57 | 02/11/12

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Clouded Leopards Amaze 'GMA' Anchor
Okay Allen admitted I am one of those guys who likes cats so it is my business and -- have the lots as you can imagine what I was invited into a cage -- -- these baby clouded leopards. Buckets of serotonin were released into my brain but there. Is an important story here because the very -- -- of these animals is putting them in danger. They look pretty friendly making little -- house and -- seemingly whining for attention. Thought this is the view from safely outside became. And this story requires that -- go in. And in my last moments with my all my digits in wins these are clouded leopard. OK. I -- sister's name down and button only a few months old when you -- But at first they are not particularly interested in -- -- -- -- but then there. I he had like a -- yeah. And they'll be afraid this lot of I mean lightly but you can they've paid -- should know the word no. Barrett and next target our camera. That's a close up. Here in his cage there very safe but there is no overstating. Just how much danger that clouded leopards at the species are in. In the why -- There hunted for their codes or for their bones for traditional Chinese medicine. Or -- captured to be kept as pets. Through in the -- -- a bull's -- -- these items Newton their cuteness almost a liability people want one for themselves. And it's not hard to see why. -- really hold Olympic -- the baby. This what I get for any new. No the largest canines of any of the cats and other bodies its good to know as they have Michael Zimmerman. You might like another little. Period. Clouded leopard bite marks. That fed won't bite marks I love my three. OK so maybe I can't tell a little -- I've never done an interview with the Clinton led predominantly a different kind of like the limp -- him but I'm -- so long. -- can -- -- -- love with the species and even doing this for decades with just one species. Well you know the people who work -- -- That -- pretty much for the most part become very fanatical about this piece this. I fell in love. A lot of oh I don't know how -- you get to be proven they are about this big NC for -- -- it and they are incredibly cute if there. If they're raised in the wild night while parents they're they're friendly at all when their bottle fed like these babies were there incredibly friendly does not knowing your -- -- -- can be yeah. Not much being -- -- -- cities frankly because they you know these hunters and a lot of really good the breeding program like when we sand island that is what will potentially helps him.

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{"id":15561954,"title":"Clouded Leopards Amaze 'GMA' Anchor","duration":"2:57","description":"Dan Harris spends time with the rare and secretive big cats.","url":"/GMA/video/clouded-leopards-amaze-gma-anchor-15561954","section":"GMA","mediaType":"default"}