CNBC Debate: Rick Perry's Big 'Oops'

Texas governor forgets which agency he'd eliminate in historic debate flop.
2:20 | 11/10/11

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Video Transcript
Transcript for CNBC Debate: Rick Perry's Big 'Oops'
Now out of politics your voice your vote in last night's presidential debate. All the Republican candidates were there the top but with the economy Herman -- the story going in coming out everyone talking about Rick Perry and his oops moment. The Texas governor should explain what went wrong -- first ABC's John Berman rolls of tape good morning John. Good morning George you know there are only three words to describe what happened last night. Oh my gosh and remember that number three Rick Perry will because that number might have dealt the biggest blow to his campaign. Yet. It seemed like such as normal -- -- the economy the deficit the usual nine nine. Then I don't know where the -- although heard round the world. It Rick Perry started talking about 13 government departments he wanted to eliminate it has the -- and -- if only he could get there it's three agencies and government. When I get there that are gone. Commerce education. And the what's the third -- -- let's say his opponents actually tried to help. He DNA VA. This -- what we're talking about a you can't -- third one. The third agency of government I would I would do away with the education. The commerce -- the commerce. Analysts say the I can't but there and I can't -- that the group's. -- his wife he was the Energy Department. Energy one of the centerpieces of his campaign. This is supposed to be a tough to beat -- Herman Cain is following this immoral sexual harassment accusations hall -- pretty -- -- in -- one question on the subject Taylor focusing on character and on judgment one million as the blue. The American people deserve better. -- Someone being tried to -- in the public opinion based on unfounded. Accusations. You know -- sailed through easy with help from that Perry -- and this is so tough preparing because. He's already a punchline on Saturday Night Live -- after the debate last night Michelle Bachman actually said. She felt bad for him.

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{"duration":"2:20","description":"Texas governor forgets which agency he'd eliminate in historic debate flop.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/GMA","id":"14922134","title":"CNBC Debate: Rick Perry's Big 'Oops'","url":"/GMA/video/cnbc-debate-rick-perrys-big-oops-14922134"}