Coffee to Disappear in Your Lifetime?

Reports show climate changes and insect infestations threaten coffee's future.
2:00 | 10/15/11

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Transcript for Coffee to Disappear in Your Lifetime?
Coffee lovers -- your copy -- down and brace yourself or you're about to see. Maybe emotionally disturbing an expert in the field has a dire warning and ABC's Barbara Pinto has that story. -- -- -- -- And broken hand picked their coffee with -- Imagine Juan Valdez without -- beans testament. The tasters choice coupled with nothing to taste. And -- -- and and doubled as. It did it expected. -- workforce without -- morning -- job. Legions of on caffeinated zombies slogging through today despite my fourth -- confident. Hannah and -- -- run by the Union of Concerned Scientists. -- heavy -- long drought and insect infestations linked to climate change threaten the future of your morning Joseph. And a recent speech that means no -- -- know Ronde not even a tall. So Starbucks may hedge its beverage that's investing in a chain of smoothie and juice bars. I'm not the same thing and that's a lot -- plane. Compared to -- more bad news another report out this week warned the future may also be bitter for chocolate. Global warming it says could make parts of Africa too hot to grow -- the world without chocolate and coffee and it that is outside -- -- to explore other planets Lennon and it's not a world I want it. Global warming -- these warnings are -- unnecessary concern attempted. The coffee -- for Good Morning America Barbara Pinto ABC news Chicago.

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{"id":14743364,"title":"Coffee to Disappear in Your Lifetime?","duration":"2:00","description":"Reports show climate changes and insect infestations threaten coffee's future. ","url":"/GMA/video/coffee-disappear-lifetime-14743364","section":"GMA","mediaType":"default"}