Colin Firth, Emma Stone on Working With Woody Allen

The "Magic in the Moonlight" co-stars answer your social media questions.
3:21 | 07/16/14

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Transcript for Colin Firth, Emma Stone on Working With Woody Allen
What I pair, colin firth and Emma stone star in woody Allen's new film "Magic in the moonlight." He plays Stanley a world famous magician and she plays Sofia, fortune teller on the make. When he tries toeks pose her as a fake he begins to fall under her spell. I'd be happier than a fraud because your withhold world fixed view would be shaken up. It's quite the opposite. If you knew how much I don't want you to be a fake. Think how embarrassing it would be for you. Your whole life you spend publicly crusading against spiritualism and then you'd have to, you'd have to come out with it and say you were wrong. But I'm not wrong. And colin firth and Emma stone join us now. I never would have guessed the first time you guys have worked together. Really? Yeah. Feels like we've been doing it for years. Was it fun? It was a terrible time. I had a good time. She had a terrible time. Oh, well. With him, oh. Did you get to work with woody Allen? Yeah. Is it true you actually named your dog after alvey singer from "Annie hall." How did woody take that. He doesn't know that. He knows now. Nobody out. Just keep it to yourself. He'll never see this. He doesn't watch television. I think we're pretty safe. Your first time as well. Is that dauptsdzing at all. Yeah, it's extremely daunting. He's basically been in somewhere involved in my entire life since I was 10, you know, from the early stand-up days, I think the first one I saw was "Bananas" and "Take the money and run" and I can remember where I was when I saw them, which theater. It's got to be hard to meet someone who you admired so much and then kind of have to work with him. I would think the butterflies would be especially high. Particularly when they're clever and also he is not big on the kind of preliminaries, you know, the social graces and -- Just to work. Yeah. You get an early -- you don't get phone calls and meetings. You meet him at the camera test? Or rehearsals or any conversation. No rehearsal. You just get started. It is in a beautiful place. What a place to get to do a film, the south of France. It was incredible. We stayed in Provence and it takes place in the '20s so the locations are just stunning. Yeah. Your character Stanley is about as unlikable a man as you could imagine. At least at first. Was that tough? Well, yeah, I want to be likable and, you know, you keep seeing these lines which are -- they're so arrogant and supercilious and self-asured and I remember thinking they probably all won't make the final cut. Are we sure? Haven't I just been that mean already in those exact words and, no, he was pretty sure and ultimately there's something quite liberating -- You just get to let it all hang out. Yes, just be as unpleasant as possible and not care. You softened him up. Now you'll work with woody Allen again. Yeah, right now we're shooting in Rhode Island so we have a couple of days off to come talk about this. Well, I'm glad you did "Magic in the moonlight," opens next Friday. It's a terrific film.

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{"duration":"3:21","description":"The \"Magic in the Moonlight\" co-stars answer your social media questions.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/GMA","id":"24580544","title":"Colin Firth, Emma Stone on Working With Woody Allen","url":"/GMA/video/colin-firth-emma-stone-working-woody-allen-24580544"}