Basketball Brawl Bloodies Player

The Xavier and Cincinnati rivalry came to a head with bench clearing brawl.
2:39 | 12/11/11

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Transcript for Basketball Brawl Bloodies Player
Truly stunning incident of violence in sports hunting for two reasons first because of the amount of blood in bedlam on the court during this game of the college game. And second because of how the players are justifying -- ABC's John Mueller is here with the kept on good morning. Thank you -- was a wild finish for all the wrong reasons -- battle skills between Xavier Cincinnati turns into a battle of this is gets so crazy that they can't even play out the final -- seconds of the game. It's the kinda bad behavior that's becoming all too common. Another black guy for competitive sports literally this time it's college -- and Xavier Cincinnati rivalry. -- the game once again benches clear this life blood gushes -- the seven -- Sanders thinks it's so a lot of -- -- with seconds on the clock we've been boys and heat of battle. It's something -- world. Brawl is so bad got a player bleeding that's bad. You wonders in some ways -- sportsmanship dead or dying. As bad as the flying this world consider what happens after the game Xavier -- to -- their players speak at a press conference presumably with cooler heads in humble hearts. Surely the university regrets these statements we got to suspect that a little bit before the game. Because -- we ought to hold much against the -- not dug itself doesn't -- -- -- -- -- zip them up -- into the game Saturday's game of the unfortunate press conference just the latest in a string of high profile incidents that -- show sportsmanship. On the ropes in Detroit Lions player -- a two game suspension for stomping on a Green Bay packer is down on the ground. Over the summer Georgetown basketball team went -- -- Beijing against the Chinese team not exactly the -- of the ten day goodwill war. And maybe most disturbing of all is the bad sportsmanship trickling down to our kids. This viral video shows a youth football rep -- in Florida getting attacked by three coaches only did he slam to the turf quiet fit right. The frequency and severity of the incidents are troubling tough words -- Cincinnati's head coach following yesterday's basketball. But my players don't elect the right way they will never play another game at Cincinnati. So now suspensions will surely follow videotape will be analyzed from every angle to see who threw the punches. And the question will linger his sportsmanship itself increasingly under assault. Three players injected in this latest incident they will miss at least the next game ESPN reporting conference officials have called a press conference later this morning. To discuss the brawl and the possibility of more suspensions if they don't think the schools handle this. Tough enough.

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{"id":15132299,"title":"Basketball Brawl Bloodies Player","duration":"2:39","description":"The Xavier and Cincinnati rivalry came to a head with bench clearing brawl. ","url":"/GMA/video/college-basketball-brawl-leaves-player-bloodied-15132299","section":"GMA","mediaType":"default"}