Raging Colorado Flood Waters Up Close

Drone equipped with a camera capture unique views of the destruction and can help with rescue.
1:54 | 09/16/13

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Raging Colorado Flood Waters Up Close
Sam, this is one of those neighborhoods that was evacuated again yesterday. You can see water. I'm not standing in it. They're concerned about sinkhoels. I'm standing next to the technology that is letting us get up close and personal with this disaster. From only a few feet bo the flooding, you can see how the rising waters have wiped out homes and swallowed streets. People standing, watching their homes wash away. All thanks to this. Say hello to uptavia. The eight-arm flying camera can provide video as high as 400 feet and as low as just a few feet off the ground. Much lower than a traditional helicopter. She's operated by two pilots and can carry a slew of different cameras depending on the job. She's able to stabilize herself. Stays stable side to side as well. That's the only way to get stable footage. Reporter: The word drone has inflamed plenty of troefs. This has been meant for only good. To give us unbelievable images like these never seen before. This technology allows us to provide unique views of different things. Perspective that has not been seen. Reporter: Perspective on a catastrophe we have not yet seen the end of. Octavia has helped police look into homes to see if they're safe before they go back in. Sam? Again, as we said, the good news here is that this starts to die out just a little bit. Days and days from now, this water will recede. There's a large area of flooding. This is the epicenter. Young people trapped in the suv were trapped right up the creek from us.

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{"id":20266094,"title":"Raging Colorado Flood Waters Up Close","duration":"1:54","description":"Drone equipped with a camera capture unique views of the destruction and can help with rescue.","url":"/GMA/video/colorado-flooding-raging-colorado-flood-waters-close-20266094","section":"GMA","mediaType":"default"}