Colorado Gov. Hickenlooper on 2016: DC Dysfunction 'Discouraging' Him From Presidential Run

Hickenlooper says the government shutdown is hurting his state's effort to recover from epic floods.
5:04 | 10/11/13

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Transcript for Colorado Gov. Hickenlooper on 2016: DC Dysfunction 'Discouraging' Him From Presidential Run
Hello and welcome -- top line I'm Olivier Knox of Yahoo! News joined as always by Rick Klein and ABC news. We're coming to you from the sidelines of a hero summit by the Daily Beast and our guest is Colorado's democratic governor John Hickenlooper. Governor welcome glad to be on. Washington -- gripped with government shut down frenzy and morning where you could paint a picture for us a little bit about the impact of something like the government -- has. On the people of Colorado -- everyone from veterans to the brewers of beer being affected by the -- we just had the worst floods we've had in the history of the state. So we have issues like I mean twenty million gallons of raw sewage dumped into the into a river systems and so we have -- life. And high dangerously high levels in many many places we've got people that are sleeping on blankets and parks and that we can't test the -- It in many ways you couldn't have a worse time. To how to shut down and how -- also people feeling it in the state right now that Vice President Biden was in your state just a few weeks before the shuttle -- said don't worry about it will be short stint in Carroll. One of the federal assistance. That we're providing. None of it is going to be impacted even if there is a government shutdown. Here is very clear that -- -- would continue operating. In it was shut down but the point and that's just a piece of of what services are well it's it's amaze you water begin to appreciate all the things the federal government does for those people that are most at risk. Have a major disaster and they take where all the services and you begin to see. It's not just the building roads and and engineers designing reconstruction of bridges it becomes the delivery of food becomes you know. Housing and shelter to shelter food and housing we just -- for people stay wanna trying to. Get their lives together after the worst never happen to -- and every level of scientific measuring. The water quality -- that vehicle is on the grass for little kids -- playing. No we're gonna have some some -- it's almost for sure just because of the shut down and you my question -- The knuckle heads in congress is -- you're -- represented people you've got to have a certain level of empathy -- hold these people in need as hostages. For freer debate. Might find a compromise. Watching the shut down from Colorado does that make you more likely or less likely. To want to run for president hot hot hot hot I have to say it it's a daunting to look at how divisive the relationships are Washington right now it's hard to imagine anybody would. Could go in there and make a difference. And it's. It's very discouraging let me ask you about another issue that's affecting the relationship in Colorado in the federal government and that that is something that -- in -- headlines as. Pot banking. With -- general holder discussed with us we're gonna let this. Police in Colorado legal industry expanding before. They said we want to make sure that there is corruption -- we're not getting you know. Get racketeering and gang connections coming into this what you percent of the fiscal impact of the legalization. Limited legalization of Maryland we have healthy tax on the ballot this fall to really make -- we -- regulated properly we don't want to make a profit -- not. Take marijuana taxes and put it towards public education oriented like that there's a lot of top scientists and medical researchers who believe that. Kids when their brains are still growing rapidly so 14151617. Need to -- -- -- to that when he -- That -- -- -- high potency you know very high levels -- TC that it could permanently diminish that long term memory. For -- regulate this I mean. You know I was in the brew -- has tried every square inch of the brewery had to be accounted for every drop of -- that we produced had to be. You know accounted for as well we pay tax on everything and and quite high taxes. We think that -- -- should be the same just like was your beer you passed legislation in gun laws in Colorado. Do you think the federal government should get another shot at it to congress which again -- to do enhanced background checks -- of that ship -- now next fall my Republican friends said. You know -- aren't stupid they're not gonna background -- It turns out they are too popular to 2012 and an act of the gun purchases in Colorado. You and we get to that happy -- as thirty people convicted of homicide kind of like 100 very few people convicted sexual assault 620 burglars are 200 felony assault 420 people had a restraining order from a judge not to see that'll go from boyfriend. They tried to buy a gun and just in case you think it's really aren't that stupid. 236 people when they showed up at the Pentagon we arrest them for outstanding warrant -- -- -- to get anyone's got in the way we just want to keep guns out of the hands of dangerous people. All right governor Hickenlooper thank you very much that that's all the time we have this week for top line. Olivier -- -- Yahoo! News follow me on Twitter at though -- and I'm -- -- and ABC news you can follow me on Twitter at Rick Klein and you can follow our guest governor to deliberate -- hit four -- hit four CO. You watch us all week on And on and -- always. That's next.

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{"id":20550011,"title":"Colorado Gov. Hickenlooper on 2016: DC Dysfunction 'Discouraging' Him From Presidential Run","duration":"5:04","description":"Hickenlooper says the government shutdown is hurting his state's effort to recover from epic floods.","url":"/GMA/video/colorado-gov-hickenlooper-2016-dc-dysfunction-discouraging-presidential-20550011","section":"GMA","mediaType":"default"}