Man Fights Off Three Coyotes, Survives

A Colorado man on his way to work was stalked and attack by three coyotes.
1:26 | 10/17/13

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Transcript for Man Fights Off Three Coyotes, Survives
Now, to a colorado man recovering this morning after being stalked and attacked by three coyotes. The animals snuck up on him as he walked to work and had to fight his way free. Abc's clayton sandell has the story. Reporter: This morning, andrew is nursing too many bites and scratches to count. That's the one that hurt the worst. Reporter: After surviving a vicious attack, by not one, but three coyotes. You feel the initial impact. And as soon as you felt it, you could react and go to shove. Reporter: Andrew, his car broken down, was walking from his longmont, colorado, home, to work early monday. When the teeth-bearing trio came out of the darkness. I took my flashlight and hit rite over the head to get it to let go. As soon as I got it to let go, another one lunged at me. And all I thought to do was to swing and knock it to keep it from jumping at me again. Reporter: He manages to stand his ground, fighting the coyotes off himself. Wildlife officials killed two of the animals and are looking for the third. They worry that attacks like this are becoming more common among coyotes because they've lost their fear of people. We need to do something to change our behavior to get them back to natural, healthy fear of people. Reporter: As for andrew, one set of rabies shots later, from now on, he's catching a ride to work. For "good morning america," clayton sandell, abc news, denver.

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{"id":20595763,"title":"Man Fights Off Three Coyotes, Survives","duration":"1:26","description":"A Colorado man on his way to work was stalked and attack by three coyotes.","url":"/GMA/video/colorado-man-fights-off-coyotes-survives-20595763","section":"GMA","mediaType":"default"}