Officials Say Slain Prison Chief Targeted, Suspect in Custody

Police believe suspect in Tom Clements slaying may have ties to a white supremacist prison gang.
2:42 | 03/22/13

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Officials Say Slain Prison Chief Targeted, Suspect in Custody
the latest on that chilling shooting in cold blood in colorado overnight police caught 9 man they think may be the suspect in the death of that prison executive. This man could have ties to a white supremacist gang in chicago and abc's pierre thomas has been tracking the story and has more on the suspect and those ties to that gang. Good morning, pierre. Reporter: Good morning, elizabeth. Today police are hoping a high-speed chase and shootout in texas may give clues to who murdered colorado's chief of corrections in cold blood. Was texas, thursday, 11:00 a.M. It begins on this highway. A suspect opens fire on police during a routine traffic stop. When he came by me, he was running 100 miles an hour, had his left arm out the window. He was just shooting. Reporter: The shooting wasn't over. The suspect tried to pull out on -- off 380 business and was struck broadside by an 18-wheeler exited with a firearm and engaged deputies in a firefight. Reporter: The suspect's mangled car caught the eye of police. It appears to be very similar to a suspicious vehicle seen near the home of colorado corrections chief tom clements. He was gunned down at his front door tuesday night. Colorado police suspects his killing was not random. Mr. Clements obviously was the target of this homicide. Reporter: Initially the suspect's identity was a mystery. There's no identification, nothing. Reporter: Sources tell abc news they believe the suspect is evan spencer ebel and last night we're seeking conclusive identification and describe him as a former denver inmate who may have been part of a white supremacist prison gang. Police declared the suspect brain dead. Last night colorado police were on their way to texas to search the car for clues about clements and possibly another murder. Nathan leon, a pizza delivery man was shot and killed last sunday. Sources tell abc news police discovered a domino's pizza jacket and box in the suspect's car. Police are hoping the suspect's gun and ballistics evidence will help them figure out if he's involved in either killing. Pierre, do we know any more about this tie between the fact that this was a former inmate in a denver prison and one of the victims was head of prisons in colorado? Do we think that's the possible motive? Reporter: The primary thing is the car. Similar description of the car in the chase and what was near the home of mr. Clements. The ballistics evidence is going to be key, sources say, because that is evidence at both the crime scen the shooting yesterday on the highway and at the corrections chief's home.

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{"id":18788563,"title":"Officials Say Slain Prison Chief Targeted, Suspect in Custody","duration":"2:42","description":"Police believe suspect in Tom Clements slaying may have ties to a white supremacist prison gang.","url":"/GMA/video/colorado-officials-murdered-prisons-chief-clements-targeted-suspect-18788563","section":"GMA","mediaType":"default"}