Comedian Mark Malkoff Takes 28-Day Vegan Challenge

Robert Brace helped Malkoff debunk the myth that it's impossible to gain muscle on a vegan diet.
3:00 | 03/12/14

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Transcript for Comedian Mark Malkoff Takes 28-Day Vegan Challenge
Back. Not yet again last time -- about comedian of course we had -- -- ballots. You're giving up your phone -- -- a week we -- very difficult now you're given up. Meat cheese you're -- gonna be -- and got -- I get. Recommended index which I didn't know if it was possible it was one of those things could you get -- -- to begin -- because the perception out there is the protein it's really hard to do. Sir and engineers testing your -- someone who probably had a little something yeah this is a robber berets who knows what to do and I had no idea Robert -- and you follow what I say you'll get -- on a vegan diet. And even -- us. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- And -- wanted to see if it could be in this whole much misinformation out there about what's possible and of the diet. And and so yes changing with the celebrities -- tried it but we wanted to see if it was possible market fantastic job. I lost sixteen pounds and -- was ripped my wife really like this project. Philip I -- what what is the protein because that's -- -- -- -- left. The protein that -- you've done a fantastic. What it called funk fusion and what's great about that as they think I'm protein from sources like on -- and peace which is really -- common. And at that live well you are as well which -- which she -- and attention myself. That was great in terms of -- can get approaching that he needed to build muscle mass and really that just puts -- puts to rest the idea that it can't it's not possible. -- 28 days 28 days over. Thanksgiving and I want to -- Why torture myself and everyone's eating pumpkin pie can now are not a household and eating -- I like -- but when it comes over Thanksgiving wasn't thinking yes. And the fantastic thing was you know he really went hot on his watch out now we did have to take up the -- he was very very intense so congratulations to him his is what kept can be found on the on the website that's when he -- a challenge dot com. I was has worked out in his diet plan but it really was about building his muscle mass. Walking -- of -- intensity and you know it's we proved it wrong. And -- -- it sounds like sports. Yeah. Did he directs how -- do what I was just really disciplined because of this man and. I was upset I would admit that and that sense is obsessed with food. All the time and municipal experience in any media and I'm problem but I was so disciplined even in my dreams I would treatment I was eating pizza so disciplined and it's that -- -- out. I'm not making that yeah -- eat anything called and chicken. No we didn't do it on chicken or anything it was cool and natural -- is a -- lots of vegetables did not scenes at a -- -- we may have the topic at -- rather. Yeah. --

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{"id":22875302,"title":"Comedian Mark Malkoff Takes 28-Day Vegan Challenge","duration":"3:00","description":"Robert Brace helped Malkoff debunk the myth that it's impossible to gain muscle on a vegan diet.","url":"/GMA/video/comedian-mark-malkoff-takes-28-day-vegan-challenge-22875302","section":"GMA","mediaType":"default"}