Common Discusses 2nd Season of Hit AMC Drama

Rapper stars in "Hell on Wheels," which follows construction of the first transcontinental railroad.
3:00 | 08/09/12

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Transcript for Common Discusses 2nd Season of Hit AMC Drama
And we're so happy to have actor and rapper, common, with us this morning. He's one of the stars of the outstanding show, "hell on wheels" about life during construction during the first transcontinental railroad. Season two gets going on amc. Welcome, my friend. Great to see you. Congratulations on this role. You were saying, it'sgritty, it's smart. It's a new look at life in the u.S. Post-civil war. I feel like this role is very unique. You haven't seen an african-american going through that time period, post-slavery. And being a leader and being be intelligent and strong-willed. The show depicts what america's about right now. It's really cool because the show is dealing with issues that we deal with today. Such as? Such as life. Everything from the changes that go on in the economy, to how you fit in those changes. When life is changing, where do you go to? Racial things that we don't talk about that still exists right now. Also, relationships. My character's in love with a former prostitute who is a white woman. How can that relationship really sustain with society's ills? This is real stuff. Common, you play a former slave. Tough cookie to boot. I want to show everybody a clip of "hell on wheels." Okay. What the hell you doing here? Trying to keep yourself from getting killed. You give me the paperwork. You hand that money over and I'll kill you my damn self. Go on, then. Pull the trigger. What's going on in there? Stupid. keep shooting. Is it fun playing in the wild, wild west? It's so much fun. I get to ride on horses, which is something I've never done, coming from the south side of chicago. You know, just in the wild, wild west. The dangers of the west is really there on "hell on wheels." It's really about the people and the stories. That's why I say it's so much about america right now because it's really how we relate to each other. Vercharacter-driven. And as they say in the biz, work begets work. Boy, are you busy. You have a movie about to come out right now. "The odd life of timothy green." Tell us about that. "The odd life of timothy green" is a heartfelt story about this young man who came out of the ground to help this family who couldn't have children. And I play this soccer coach that's really hard on him. But I learn lessons from timothy green, the lead character. Also you produced a movie you're very proud of. A movie called "luv." It showed up at sundance. I was honored. "Love" is a great story. I star in it. Danny glover is in it. A young man by michael randy jr. It's a great film. It's kind of like a "pursuit of happiness" but told in a gritty way. And we have to know, have you been following the olympics? Yes. I'm into the olympics. I watched a lot of track and field. The gymnasts, the fab five, give it up to them. Of course, gabby douglas. There was a young lady, I think allyson felix, yesterday, who ran. I was cheering for her like i knew her. I wanted her to win. And of course, the williams sisters, serena and venus. Er is vienna got two gold medals. I want the basketball team to get theirs. All right, common. We hope you will come back and visit us soon. New music is coming out. Come back when that's out, all right? I will. We want you to check out season two of "hell on wheels" on amc this sunday. Coming up, josh, including

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{"id":16966760,"title":"Common Discusses 2nd Season of Hit AMC Drama","duration":"3:00","description":"Rapper stars in \"Hell on Wheels,\" which follows construction of the first transcontinental railroad.","url":"/GMA/video/common-discusses-2nd-season-hit-amc-drama-transcontinental-16966760","section":"GMA","mediaType":"default"}