Common's 'Hell on Wheels' to Kick Off Season 2

Rapper, actor chats about his AMC show documenting the first transcontinental railroad.
3:00 | 08/09/12

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Common's 'Hell on Wheels' to Kick Off Season 2
-- -- wheels everybody please welcome com. Okay. Okay. Son Aaron. So premieres the second season -- Sunday. Phenomenal show it does not though spare much tell us about show in what. We can expect here. What do sellers you know it takes place in 1866. Now so. The so -- it has the raw elements who have because things there was this. Open people were raw like you know -- -- and then when the show is about as people establishing themselves. But -- with the American dream in the world has changed my. The civil learning have been -- while. Last so it's like you know how do you fit in like mark my character is a former -- who. Where do you fit in how do you like. Fair is society where you really know you're intelligent Smart -- -- whole life you've been no press and is different nationalities going to the same thing is really the human relationships that we experience now. Is what's going on in hello we're -- and is actually known to. It's action and the riding is great your character is tough as nails -- I want to show everybody -- of hell on wheels. -- here. Just passing through. -- still working for mr. Durant. -- right now. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- I mean in my church is definitely tough but one thing is important enough I'm not so is -- you find a decent human beings and and I love like my character isn't he loves that woman -- -- -- who was a bit difficult situation trying to be in it yeah. We Lusaka early yeah those who we should. You're one of those slash the rapper because -- actually -- big. How do you find time to sort of make sure all the different -- your creative process. Are properly paid attention. -- -- I love all those facets in my life I love being creative -- -- -- just make sure I give -- one like the proper attention you know it's like. If you have -- you still wanting to you know give anyone on the so yeah in the -- -- you know fortunately I've been doing music for a longer time so it's like. I have less preparation have to do to go into that but I still have to focus on the I'm grateful to be able to like be an actor and go out there and do music and perform and there were -- -- -- write books and more importantly help help -- -- into the front. I love that you can you give back to you give great music what is the new album coming out and you're working on -- There while working on a new solo but but -- -- first up is a good music album which is me kinda a conviction on -- -- -- another good music family that's coming out. Just call cruel some is coming in September.

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{"id":16971295,"title":"Common's 'Hell on Wheels' to Kick Off Season 2","duration":"3:00","description":"Rapper, actor chats about his AMC show documenting the first transcontinental railroad.","url":"/GMA/video/commons-hell-wheels-kick-off-season-16971295","section":"GMA","mediaType":"default"}