Community Watch Leader Kills Unarmed Teen

Family of Florida teen wants answers and justice after the mysterious shooting.
3:04 | 03/10/12

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Community Watch Leader Kills Unarmed Teen
A mystery in -- gated community in Florida that is causing real outrage this morning there's going to be a rally for this teenager who was -- armed when he was shot to death. Allegedly by this man the leader of a local neighborhood watch. Was this self defense or blatant injustice this man by the way. Still out not arrested yet ABC's -- -- needs is on the story. Seventeen year old trade on -- was walking home after buying candy at a convenience store. When he was shot and killed in this gated community does -- name keeps me going more. I don't understand why. The Indians third. Police say this man George Zimmerman shot tree fun they've known that since the shooting but they have to arrest him. I'm broken hearted and my son is gone. But it hurts even worse than know that somebody that murdered -- it still has not been arrested. Zimmerman the neighborhood watch captain was out on patrol that Sunday evening nearly two weeks ago he called 911 about a suspicious person. When police arrived minutes later they found -- -- shot in the chest laying face down on the ground. 28 year old was alarmed the high school junior was not. At that point -- -- what's taken into custody investigative detention if you will. To -- to the station to conduct interviews with them to find out exactly. He was questioned and released police say the 911 dispatcher can be heard telling Zimmerman not to confront the teenager. But because those calls are part of their investigation they won't release them. The Martins are suing to make them public. That now -- one tape is going to be riveted because is gonna -- while. This homeowner association loose cannon disregarded. In ignored the police instructions in confronted this kid will pay nine millimeter handgun. We were -- able to contact George Zimmermann. But we did track down criminal records showing his arrest in 2005. For battery on a law enforcement officer and resisting arrest. The charges were later dropped police say Zimmerman has been cooperating. But this Stanley says he killed their son. And belongs behind bars. This clearly was murder this -- not an extended. And it hurts. And sent them out there. For Good Morning America against Udinese ABC news Atlanta.

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{"duration":"3:04","description":"Family of Florida teen wants answers and justice after the mysterious shooting. ","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/GMA","id":"15892482","title":"Community Watch Leader Kills Unarmed Teen","url":"/GMA/video/community-watch-leader-kills-unarmed-teen-15892482"}