Comparing Drug Store Eye Creams

Elisabeth Leamy talks to dermatologists about which products work best.
3:00 | 09/04/12

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Comparing Drug Store Eye Creams
Now, to the battle to turn back the clock. Women spent more than $2 billion on anti-aging face creams last year. And doctors say the first signs of aging pop up around the eyes. So, which ones work best? Elisabeth leamy is on the case. I've been peppering you with questions. Because I'm part of the women and men who spend a fortune on eye cream. Reporter: More than one-third of american women use some kind of anti-aging portion. The oldest third or the middle third. That's more than any other country. And the stores are filled with more eye creams than ever before. But how do you choose? ♪ the number of choices is crazy. Eye wrinkle cream. Resurfacing cream. Dark circle cream. How do you make sense of it all? Do you believe all this? We counted the number of eye creams in just one drugstore. Eight, nine. And it took a while. 37 eye creams. Then, there's the department store brands. You can go cross-eyed trying to choose. So, we assembled the "gma" eye cream dream team. Ten dermatologists from around the country that name the best products for the worst problems. Number one, wrinkles or crow's feet. Number two, dark circles. And three, puffiness. Nearly every dermatologist told us before you even go to the store, take a good look in the mirror and figure out what your problem spots are. Then, look for eye creams that target those needs. For wrinkles, there's only one word you need to know, retinol. If there's one ingredient i would have to have on a desert island, it would be retinol. It's the single-most important ingredient for the skin. Reporter: Retinol decreases fine lines. For dark circles, it's not so cause them. Our dream team says look for creams that contain a concealer, tint or brightener. As for puffiness, one ingredient rose to the top in our questionnaire. Caffeine. You think of caffeine that you get all revved up. But it's smoothing to the eye area. Reporter: Our friends at "allure" magazine have taken a look. And say it's not just what you put on your skin, but how. Dot it under the eye, over to the lid. Reporter: Now, the information you've been waiting to see with your very own eyes. The most recommended products. Our dream team named skin medica more than any other eye cream. Available in dermatologists offices for about $95. Skin medica goes above and beyond for many of the problems that people complain about. Reporter: You don't have to spend that much. Our dermatologists named oil of lay regenerist more than any other drugstore eye cream by par. And it costs about $22. A lot of the data is published in medical journals, which is what I look for as a dermatologist. Reporter: And that is downright eye-opening. Okay. Full disclosure. Dr. Day carries skin medica. She is also on an ole scientific committee. But she has no financial ties to the company. And there was clear consensus among our dermatologists. Aside from buying the products, there's some lifestyle things you can do to help yourself out? Absolutely. Drink enough water. Get enough sleep. This is a hard one. Wear that sunscreen. Sunglasses so you don't squint. Keep those on so you're not squinting. And you heard about celebrities putting preparation h on their faces. Our dermatologists did say it does work. But you have to go over the fact that you're putting hemorrhoid cream on your face for puffy eyes. Thank you elisabeth. Lara over at the egg McMUFFIN STAND.

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{"id":17147842,"title":"Comparing Drug Store Eye Creams","duration":"3:00","description":"Elisabeth Leamy talks to dermatologists about which products work best.","url":"/GMA/video/comparing-drug-store-eye-creams-17147842","section":"GMA","mediaType":"default"}