Man Goes 21 Days Without Complaining: Could You Do It?

Author Tim Ferriss says avoiding complaining helped him stay positive.
2:34 | 07/24/14

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Transcript for Man Goes 21 Days Without Complaining: Could You Do It?
Yeah, because our "Heat index," the complaining diet. A three-week challenge that has more than 10 million people attempting to avoid complaining entirely. Best-selling author Tim ferris tested it out. Says it changed his life and that it forced had him to focus on finding productive solutions to problems and not dwell on the negative. He also says it led to happier more pleasant interactions with people at work and at home and even helped him sleep better at night. Two, what, three weeks -- you know what, starting -- I want to try it. Right now -- starting right now I am accepting that challenge. Me too. I'm going to do it too. Do you think it's harder at work or at home? Hmm. Maybe home. We're all on record. I'm going to do it. It's easier for me because I'm about to head off on a two-week vacation so I don't know if that excuses me a little bit. We asked you at home and the majority of people said it would be very difficult. There we see how many people said yes, they could take on the challenge, 41%. The happiest man in America, our executive producer, Tom. We just all promised. Okay. Up next on the "Heat index," boy, Madonna has been a superstar for so long much now it's time for her daughter to take front and center. Lourdes recently graduated high school and gave fans an inside look at her senior prom with a because you may or may not -- she admits she wasn't a huge fan of the desai's music choices and it looks like we've heard that she's going to be attending the university of Michigan in the fall. She is all grown up. She is. Very nice. All right. Also in our "Heat index," does your dog get jealous? Well, George says yes. One of the most e-mailed stories from "The New York times" overnight. One study saying man's best friend may get green with jealousy when they see you befriend another dog. A psychologist from the university of California in San Diego says her research shows dogs, in fact, do show a primordial form of jealousy not as complex as human jealousy but similar and others agree there's something going on but they think it's more attention seeking than jealousy. Oh, yeah. K.j., oh, my goodness. We've all seen that with our dogs but give them a little love and happy again. If I pet daisy, Charlie comes in nose first. Me too, dad. There they are right there. Look how cute. Very cute.

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{"duration":"2:34","description":"Author Tim Ferriss says avoiding complaining helped him stay positive.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/GMA","id":"24692025","title":"Man Goes 21 Days Without Complaining: Could You Do It?","url":"/GMA/video/complaining-diet-challenges-people-stay-positive-24692025"}