Con Artist Drugs Wealthy Men Before Robbing Them

Officials search for a woman who preys on unsuspecting men of wealth.
2:41 | 05/05/13

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Transcript for Con Artist Drugs Wealthy Men Before Robbing Them
scam artist with expensive tastes. A WOMAN IN HER 20s, PREYING ON Wealthy, unsuspecting men. One victim has come forward. And police believe there are more. Some of whom may be too embarrassed. Investigators say the con woman cozies up to her victims, drugs them and robs them blind. John schriffen is here. Good morning. Reporter: This is a frightening crime, experts say. Happens more often than people may think. Authorities in ft. Lauderdale, florida, are warning middle-aged wealthy to be on the lookout for this young woman who may seem nice but is up to no good. Police have a beautiful woman in HER LATE 20s WITH FARRAH FACET Hair, that calls herself crystal. She met her victim in a bar. Went back to his house to seduce and drug him opinion and stole his money and valuable, totalling more than $95,000. The whole key to doing this is finding someone wealthy who has a lot of money. But he's clearly got a lot of money. And she takes a run at him. And many times it works. Reporter: Police say the two men in a bar inside this restaurant, yolo. After closing it down, they went to a nearby club for another drink. And he drove the exotic-looking woman back to his waterfront mansion. That's where authorities say she made him a vodka cocktail that took 30 minutes to mix. He drink from the glass. She, straight from the bottle. He remembers waking up the following afternoon. And crystal was gone. It's like a scene out of "seinfeld." 8. Are you robbing me? Reporter: That's pocket change to what authorities say crystal made off with. A platinum rolex watch worth $42,000. Three other watches, adding up to $53,600. And $6,000 in cash, for a grand total of -- $95,600. I think it's a crime that's so common. And many of them don't get reported because the men feel embarrassed. Crystal erased her number from the victim's phone before she left. It's believed there are other women running this same scam. But police say at this point, it's too early to tell if they're part of an organized It's so important more victims come forward to get a better description and put this to an end. One tell-tale sign, if someone makes 30 to make you a drink -- something is going on. A little worried there. A lot of men are probably embarrassed about this to come forward. John, thanks. Let's go back to ron for

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{"id":19111910,"title":"Con Artist Drugs Wealthy Men Before Robbing Them","duration":"2:41","description":"Officials search for a woman who preys on unsuspecting men of wealth.","url":"/GMA/video/con-artist-drugs-wealthy-men-robbing-19111910","section":"GMA","mediaType":"default"}