'Concussion' Doctor Changes the Conversation About High-Contact Sports

Dr. Bennet Omalu is the doctor who helped expose the dangers of concussions and is now played by Will Smith on the big screen.
7:13 | 12/14/15

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Transcript for 'Concussion' Doctor Changes the Conversation About High-Contact Sports
concern, concussions. They're a huge problem in football from the peewees to the pros. The new movie with will smith shining light on the problem. We're going to talk live to the doctor who inspired it. First, a look at his story. Will smith's passion nal per form mans erped him a golden floeb nomination. Tell the truth. Tell the truth. Reporter: The man smith proper trays in the film is Dr. Bennet omalu. A Nigerian born forensic pathologist. Reporter: His discovery, chronic traumatic encephalopathy. It is found mostly in athletes who play contact heads like football. Hard shot on Welker. Reporter: The long-term effects can lead to dementia, even suicide. You're going to war with a corporation that owns the day of the week. Reporter: In a recently published New York times op ed titled don't let kids play football, the doctor wrote, as a society, the question we have to answer is, when we knowingly and willfully allow a child to play high-contact sports, are we endangering the child? I am not done! He is not done. He's here with us right now. Dr. Bennet omalu. It's so good to see you again. I watched the film last night. Having spent time with you, will smith really got it right. Adds you know, he got a golden globe nomination. He said I'm grateful to the hfpa for recognizing Dr. Omalu's story. He'll see you at the golden globes. Thank you for having me. Will smith is such a wofrl individual. And he reminds me of my -- my childhood fate. Reaffirms it. And believe in the American perfectionism. He epitomizes that per fesks. He took my story and the story of cte from the depths of the California central valley to the peak of the mountain top of the American mountain and the American psyche. And for this, I am profoundly grateful. I wish him the best of luck and may piece with with him. It's bring something much attention to an issue that not only affects, the NFL, peewee, all contact sports. You made headlines not just for the movie be you for your op ed where you really talk to parents and you said, kids should not be playing peewee football. Not playing contact sports. What is your message to them? High-impact contact sports. My message is to remember we're one American family. One joy, one hope, one love. Knowing what we know now, as a society, we're evolving. As we evolve, we give up less intelligent ways we did thinks in the past because we're becoming more intelligent. To we continue to expose our dhoirn the risk of permanent brain damage? This is not anti-football, anti-spots. Exposure to your head has an inhempbt risk of damage. Like we have done with smoking, alcohol, sex, shouldn't we protect our children, the most vulnerable. The most precious gifts of our lives and let them become adults? If you become an adult and as a physician, you make the decision to play, I'll be the fist to stand by your side. But not our children. I think you get a lot of attention when you say, as a parent, you don't let your child smoke, drink. You have a demonstration in the movie. This is what you called a model. A model. This is a simulation. The jar is the rigid skull. The pink balloon is the brain. Your brain floats freely inside your skull. Look what happens in your brain when you have an impact. The brain bounces around the skull. You take paddle, this padding will simulate the let Mel. Look what happens. So with our without the helmet, your brain still bounces around your skull. So knowing what we know now, with or without a helmet. With or without concussions. Repeated ploes of your head as a risk of causing permanent brain damage. You know the NFL. They have taken issue with you in the past. I want to say what they responded. They've made numerous changes to the game to enhance the health and safety of players at all levels of football. Including nearly 40 rule changes in the last decades strict concussions prototolls, better training and sideline medical care. Are day doing enough? Is this enough? Cte and post traumatic enrecei encephalopathy is not about concussion. Concussion is a disease. Ct serks a disease. E both are caused bay blow to the head. No matter how much you reduce concussions, you're still exposing yourself to repeated blows, your risk of developing cte is still there. But, the movie is not about the it into fwritty of the science. It's about the spirit of the American family that I so much believed in as a child. It's a story about what sit to be American. To seek the truth. To become enlightened. The truth does set you free. And your name really means that. Yes. In your native tongue, et means -- He who speaks. And speak the truth. The truth defines us as Americans. I think people watching this film will have beater understaa better understanding of your work and passion. You're not anti-football, ae anti-sports. I was talking to Jesse. You were not as aware. It was something as you talk about, we just didn't have the education at the time. You didn't understand, I think, the significance of how that could impact your life moving away there football. Five, ten, 15, 20 years down the road. I'll say this pip saw the screener for this movie. It's extremely powerful. I'm curious to see how this affects parents, the if they Wacht, whether or not they'll allow their dhoirn play. And how this impacts the popularity of the sport. It's a powerful film. Jesse, thank you. Dr. Omalu, always a pleasure. Thank you.

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{"duration":"7:13","description":"Dr. Bennet Omalu is the doctor who helped expose the dangers of concussions and is now played by Will Smith on the big screen.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/GMA","id":"35753273","title":"'Concussion' Doctor Changes the Conversation About High-Contact Sports","url":"/GMA/video/concussion-doctor-conversation-high-contact-sports-35753273"}