Condi's Gadhafi Experience

Secretary Rice speaks on Libya visit and 2012 race.
3:40 | 11/04/11

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Transcript for Condi's Gadhafi Experience
And Libyan dictator Moammar Gadhafi particularly had some some kind of weird obsession with yet it didn't he had a song written for you against black flowered in the White House that would have been called the -- Put me describe year encounters with him. Well I. Try to make certain that this was a diplomatic encounter in which we actually got the biz the son of new supply routes for instance that Libya for the Sudanese refugees and so forth. But I knew that he had this straight session and so when he -- to me I made this video for you I thought oh my goodness what is this. But it was just a series of picture national -- with Vladimir put me with which Intel set to the song that he had done by Libya's greatest composer black flower in the White House. It was truly weird but all through this I said to myself thank goodness that we have this -- him up his weapons of mass destruction. And as he sat in most that bunker in the late days of the revolution in Libya I was really glad that he didn't have -- at his disposal. As we look at Europe right now and the Euro -- in particular in the financial crisis they're facing. And the fact that they're turning to China for -- win in no way we would all agree that prior to 2008 they would -- -- of the US for help. Does it surprise you that the tide is turning so fast as far as China really taking its role as possibly that the economic superpower of the world much sooner well. But China is an economic miracle I was first there in 1988 it was a contest of streets of Beijing for a few horse carts -- -- cars a whole lot of bicycles. That's not fishing today. But we shouldn't -- estimate China's steady rise and see it as a kind of straight line projections that country has a lot of tensions huge demographic problems. Huge income inequalities that certainly worry a Marxist government. A 180000. Are reported riots last year. And a fear -- -- and it's so great that there -- hacking into people's servers. This is not necessarily a confident country on the rise should Americans fear that in particular for taking their jobs as it's popular to think what we need to the United States -- go back to our first principle. On the fundamentals we -- have a job of internal repair. We better get our deficits under control back -- a real problem reports. We -- cannot continue to spend for the way that we've been spending we have entitlements that we can't afford we also have immigration policies that are frankly. I'm doing one of our great advantages of many many many decades because -- the most ambitious people want to come here. We ought to have them come here and continue twin richest. And I'm a great advocate that we've got to fix our K12 education system you know when I. Can look at your zip code and tell whether or not gonna get a good education. We're losing -- core of who we are if we feel our internal repair. Nobody not China and no one else will -- and who along the Republican pool of presidential candidates and hopefuls trying to do you think can get us there and get us in the right direction while I'm others like this period of the primaries because I think we get to see people at their best in -- words -- unite them. On the campaign trail with the candidate early on and you want to see people when their little bit off balance you want to see them when their little tired. You want to have them have to explain. Their policies. In debates and spent the past. And through that very very stressing process we will come up with a good candidate I'm quite confident that. But it's early still we're still about a year from the election and so I'm watching along with everyone else -- you're willing to endorse. I'm watching along -- everyone else.

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{"duration":"3:40","description":"Secretary Rice speaks on Libya visit and 2012 race.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/GMA","id":"14885588","title":"Condi's Gadhafi Experience","url":"/GMA/video/condis-gadhafi-experience-14885588"}