Confessions of a Flight Attendant in New Book

"Cruising Attitude" features tales from author Heather Poole's 15-year career.
5:20 | 03/16/12

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Transcript for Confessions of a Flight Attendant in New Book
Confessions. Of a flight attendant and buckle up for -- us she's revealing her life dealing with out. Control of the passengers. Crying babies the drama high in the sky. She's ready -- doubt in a tell all book it's a flight attendant with more than fifteen years of experience shedding new light on exactly what goes on. In the not so friendly skies. It can be applying pressure cooker some 30000. -- -- -- -- -- Just last week an American Airlines flight attendant loss did on board a plane just before takeoff. For ranting and raving. Caught on passenger's cell phones. I ran up to the front of the plane. To -- there were two gentlemen are -- -- here. And who can forget Steven Slater the flight attendant who -- fifteen minutes of fame. When he announced a full plane that he was quitting then made his exit by grabbing a couple of Beers and sliding down the emergency inflatable -- It's I didn't like that it's -- totally destroyed. I think he just had -- very small meltdown. But more often it's flight attendants who are on the front lines it's the first line of defense last -- a Yemeni man tried to enter the cockpit -- an American flight. -- -- -- -- But everyone deputy Garrity heavily vulnerable -- a -- complicate your. It was one of four scary mid flight incidents in just three days Heather pool has been a flight attendant for fifteen years and says. When she gets on a flight her first thought is. Where's the crazy. In her new book cruising attitude she says she's seen -- all passengers getting naked stealing food line to get upgraded I don't -- performing and voodoo curses as -- -- six hours in a flying to the 35000 feet who knows what can happen. And joining us now with more of those amazing stories from 35000. -- is -- -- author of cruising attitude that I like to play on words there days. So was its. Hard to write it all dancing on the pages was hard to believe that it that you deal that -- not to that you call in the sky you what's funny about that as I live dead. And then I wrote it and I wrote it again and then I read it and I thought oh my god this is great pay and you know what it's seriously crazy is that. My co workers all have the same stories and -- a little different. But I mean it's pretty amazing what we -- in DOS and what becomes normal for us you talk about the book still looking for the crazy. I did a word that's coming up a lot -- How do you do it when when all the passengers sit down how do you go on I'm gonna find the crazy any potential problem I don't want to look and -- not a conscious thing I mean that. They make themselves known loud and clear usually doing -- and if I say hi how are you and they say I'm not happy or -- they -- We're not -- together and -- -- fall I mean. -- it's pretty obvious we know where -- what area of the airplane I'm going to avoid but right or keep your eye on well yeah exactly the other. How about as a -- with the worst experience that you had as a flight attendant pulled from me I'm pretty used to -- -- you know. Unusual behavior in the sky and when people ask you about my crazy. Crazies passengers it's usually the naked passengers they wanna hear about it naked passengers I've actually I -- a lot of ever I've never had any -- -- -- zero have you have a lot yeah I mean like at least 34 times the -- really crazy it is win -- thinks someone isn't. Going to be a nice little elderly old woman who seems very sweet and then and it that -- the -- yeah. May cocktail before because innocent innocent none of us in you know Dotson asked that anyone else did you -- that woman to -- because right after take off. -- it goes the other way as well which we talked about in the peace. Two recent incidents when the flight attendant hadn't taken her medication that had recently of course remember Steven from -- -- -- Very unceremoniously quit and then jumped down and -- -- what do you do when one of your own kind of loses it out there. -- think I never experienced that I mean if you think about I didn't I think using it any other fires since you've lost it now has to license and -- how long million. The 4050 years so I it doesn't happen -- and that's not normal also lets please not. You know when it does happen what's sad is you know if it happens to someone else usually surrounded by friends and families and co workers and -- -- have a good idea what's going on but what happens to someone like me. You know I'm surrounded by 200 strangers and and what -- everybody did it rather cellphones in between where you to mesa how we prophet tell us like jump seat syndrome. I while I timing that basis kind of spilling her guts like being at a bar they have a six hour flight having a hairdresser yes exactly start telling people things -- -- And I don't know your name but I may even divorce in your husband's been hanging out with and our old you know I noticed people secrets -- not much is talking about flight attendant on content about passengers sit. Tires -- does this is this book is juicy one of the things that you blog about we have at our website the ten things. That a flight attendant will never tell you -- doesn't want you to know one of them is about blankets and pillows people. Please read it I know it I have will forever be bringing my own from now on thanks CL. Heather -- the name of the book is cruising attitude. It's it's a reader Robin -- flyers. Yet things I have a flight later this morning so we really appreciate. About half -- thank --

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{"duration":"5:20","description":"\"Cruising Attitude\" features tales from author Heather Poole's 15-year career.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/GMA","id":"15935304","title":"Confessions of a Flight Attendant in New Book","url":"/GMA/video/confessions-flight-attendant-book-15935304"}