Confirmation Hearings Analysis and Outlook

ABC News' Jon Karl analyzes the Cabinet choices who have testified, as well as the outlook later today for defense secretary pick Gen. James Mattis.
2:14 | 01/12/17

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Transcript for Confirmation Hearings Analysis and Outlook
Let's talk about this more now John Carl is right here as well have really was something S remark rooted kid Rex Tillerson going head to head. And he really bored down and if he does Bo know it could put the nomination jeopardy no question about it George first of all the votes no in the committee becomes if the Democrats they know it becomes a negative vote against sourcing in all the that it doesn't do any country that doesn't tank if they can still have a floor vote. But what did John McCain and Lindsey Graham do. If their partner in crime. Marco Rubio is voting no they've been as critical as rubio of Tillerson of the Russian ties. It could create a situation where the till Orson vote goes down her right if you lose three Republicans like only as good pressure on ruby on this but I gotta tell you. The Republicans are confident that at the end of the day rubio we'll see what he pig teal this would be how would freeze him out. For the rest of of Trump's term. Cradle lot of enemies in his own party and they believe that rubio ultimately vote and he is giving Tillerson the second chance can submit written questions we'll see what happens there let's talk about obamacare. First big vote last night. In the senate is basically a framework. For how to repeal this is just a first. This is just the first step but it's a critically important first step because if the house follow suit what it does it sets up a situation where obamacare can be repealed. But just 51 votes only ideology had to do it Republicans can do it on their own now trump. Is promising. A plan within weeks to have you know repeal and replace what we still have no idea what he wants to replace it and real divisions inside the Republican Party over how to replace. Obamacare meantime the confirmation hearings continue Ben Carson. Another former rival of Donald Trump up today. He's been nominated for help in the upper housing secretary even though. As a surgeon. On this may be the most interest in hearing of all because Ben Carson. Is a brain surgeries a neurosurgeon brilliant has a great personal story. He has no experience whatsoever in the the issue of public housing. So he is going to be drilled for. Hours on the specifics. Of what housing and urban development does we'll see how much homework really able presumably has bond up on all that ideally I know these been doing mock hearings they've taped these the these hearings they've looked at game tape. If he's done a lot of homework but this is an entirely new field for him it is not brain surgery. Possible see how it countries Africa thanks very much.

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{"duration":"2:14","description":"ABC News' Jon Karl analyzes the Cabinet choices who have testified, as well as the outlook later today for defense secretary pick Gen. James Mattis.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/GMA","id":"44728516","title":"Confirmation Hearings Analysis and Outlook","url":"/GMA/video/confirmation-hearings-analysis-outlook-44728516"}